Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the Mail: Suzie Wuzie

 Isn't her name cute? I think so. I recently received a package from her and somehow one lipstick multiplied into all sorts of things O_o  Let's take a look. She was supposed to only send me this:

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Natural Pink 13
 And to my surprise, I got these lovelies accompanying my first ever Korres product:

Thank you so much Suzie! I was having a bad day and this totally cheered me up as well as your undying generosity ^^ The lipstick works out to be a bright MLBB shade (loves!) and the yummy perfume smells like fresh lychee! 

FOB: LUSH Boxing Day Sale 2010

 This year I was prepared to face the crowds and the occasional elbow to the gut...but what I wasn't expecting was a claustrophobic LUSH store! It was jam packed with people when I arrived at 10am >< The haul wasn't as big as it was suppose to be because this year, instead of buy 1 get 2 free, it was only BOGO :/ My friend and I worked out the list of things that we wanted to get but some of the stuff like the Candy Cane Bubble Bar was already sold out (I have a little story for you later.) Also, since she wasn't with me (she was at a different mall, scouting the good steals and deals) and the "game plan" changed, I had to work my way around it. Literally. The store was tiny!

 Everything that was BOGO was marked (hah! no pun intended!) with a Mark sticker. Maybe to make up for the disappointing deal this year, LUSH had not only put Christmas products as part of the BOGO, certain items from their permanent line was also BOGO (Honey I washed the Kids, gifts made before November 1st, Rockstar etc.) So my supposedly funny story isn't really much in the impressive department =P But here it goes. When I arrived, I was trying to get everything that was on the list. I was supposed to get at least 2 Candy Cane Bubble Bars but to my disappointment, they were all gone! So I looked desperately around those wooden stands that they put stuff on and luckily, I grabbed the price/info stand and BAM! I see one tucked between two stands ^^ (There you have it, your lesson of the day: never give up. Seriously.)

  • 2 Christmas Eve Bubble Bars
  • 1 Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
  • 2 Gingerbread House Bubble Bars
  • 1 Candy Cane Bubble Bar
  • 2 Winter Bath Bath Bombs
  • 2 Matryoshka(s)* **

*not sure if they use "S"s to indicate if a noun is plural in the Russian language
**my friend got them for me because she said she was horrible when it comes to buying presents, and of course, I didn't want her to buy me something when you can wait and get it for a cheaper price, thanks love! <3

Next year, depending on the amount of LUSH goodies that I'm after, I will wake up earlier, and sprint to that store and elbow anyone that's in my way..erh...kidding about the last part. Want to share about your funny boxing day experiences? You know what to do~! 

I hope everyone enjoyed this seemingly brief holiday break!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bunnie Loves: Joe Fresh Nailpolish in Mint, Faded Violet, & Peacock

All pictures are *click worthy* ;)

You have no idea how lazy I am. This post was supposed to be up during the summer. YES. 4 months. See how  backlogged I am? It's funny too because Mint and Faded Violet were thought to be limited edition spring/summer 2010 colours. Now I believe they're permanent :) I've blabbed a lot about the Joe Fresh line so if you haven't heard about it yet, they're only available at Loblaws and Superstore supermarket chains across Canada.

TO THE REVIEW! *pic heavy*
I will separate this into 3 different sections so I can focus on the individual colours because their finish and formula varies. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spotted! Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow, Liner & Mascara & Covergirl NatureLuxe

Just a quick post of the stuff I saw at Loblaw the other day. I hope you're not tired of these posts yet but it seems as though Canada is being hit with a lot of new makeup collections! 

Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner
I was surprised at the speed of receiving new makeup displays. Usually when our buddies in the States get a fresh collection, we don't get it until 3 months later ><

I also saw the Custom Eyes Mascara with the adjustable bristles on the brush.

Covergirl NatureLuxe Collection

 My friend decided to get two of these so she was kind enough to let me swatch them :)

Marble & Tulip

Bottom: Marble Top: Tulip
 They aren't exactly pigmented but I think it will be good for those with dry lips that want extra shine. It also smells like vanilla~

Bottom: Marble Top: Tulip
 Tulip has a hint of berry while Marble shows up as clear.

Almay intense i-color smoky-i kit
so many "i"s

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Heart Eki

If you haven't heard already, miss eki is holding a fabulous giveaway on her blog! Please support her! She has been such an inspirational figure to me: she's beautiful inside and out, so hardworking, and I've never met her in person but I know that she's lovely! Check her out here ^^

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Missed Lanvin at H&M?

Here's your chance to win a pair of earrings, a necklace and a lippie :) click here

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spotted! Covergirl Lip Perfection & Nature Luxe, Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Glam Collection, Almay Wake Up

CAUTION: this post is highly pic heavy! 

I really hated my last Spotted! post where I had no actual live-in-action pictures to show you guys. So I went around the mall trying to be ninja and sneak some pictures onto my camera! ^^ I felt so nervous and out of place when I was snooping around at Shoppers(Drug Mart). The sales ladies were everywhere! And I believe that they have eyes of an eagle >< To my surprise, I actually found more new goodies to show you~!

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipcolour 
They were so brand spanking new that some of them weren't even swatched yet! The colours didn't appeal to me though: they were pretty shades, but a lot of them had frosty finishes...

Covergirl Nature Luxe Line
So I wasn't seeing things! The lipcolours are itty bitty but I really like the array of colours to choose from! The foundation reminds me of tinted moisturizers. Perhaps they'll work like one?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spotted! WetNWild Holiday Palettes, Revlon & Almay(dupe) Aqua Mineral Makeup, Covergirl Nature Luxe

taken from http://cydonianmakeup.blogspot.com/
Yeup. I'm sure you've all heard the rave about the wetNwild holiday palettes ^^ GOOD NEWS! I went to Zellers today (to buy a combo lock that I cam use at the gym, but sadly, no luck) and I accidently stumbled upon these babies! They were fairly new on display so there was no price tag...sorry!

I also saw the Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup ($16.99CAD)...however, as I bent down, behold, I saw Almay's EXACT dupe of it! Same packaging but blue, the brush was neatly tucked onto the lid and they both contained 0.35g(?)...I'm not so sure about the units :P There was also no price tag. It would be really interesting to see if they have the same ingredients. I wonder which one is the best outta the 2. They both claim to hydrate the skin. I can't remember the name...ah

taken from http://car-electronics.orderlike.com/
Funny thing about this line from Covergirl, it's supposed to come out in Spring 2011? But somehow I saw them at Shoppers Drug Mart. It was only a glance so maybe I was seeing things...although I kind of doubt it. Maybe somebody can check it out and confirm it for me?

Sorry for the lack of actual photos. I don't really bring a camera with me all the time. I don't charge it either >< 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oooh so cute! You're never too old for Hello Kitty

Or a McDonald's happy meal...haha
I saw these cute Sanrio watches and I knew I had to get the Hello Kitty one! I love HK as a kid so there was obviously no way I could have resisted.

I was lucky enough to get it since I heard others saying that the herro kitty runs out fast. They also had other really cute characters: Chococat, Sugarbunnies, My Melody, Keroppi (the frog). Grab them when you still can!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spotted! Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup

I went to Zellers just today and I was suprised to see this new mineral makeup from Revlon. If you're interested, be sure to check it out. There is a brush on the top of the cap and it looked soft enough :P Just remember to look up high and low because the display was placed on the highest level of their display aisle. You can see pictures here ^^

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bunnie Likes: My Beauty Diary Platinum+Pearl Lift Stretch Mask

After much debating on whether I should use this mask or the Gold+Marine Collagen, I finally decided to use this pretty pink one ^^ It's a fairly new addition to the family of My Beauty Diary masks so it's rather hard to find. Luckily, I was on twitter the other day and I found out that Prettyandcute.com finally stocks them!

Not so long ago, I put up an informative post on the details of these masks. It seems as though MBD is really trying to make them sound like packets of miracles and wonders.... Here are its claims:
"This sheet mask is specially made with grain and exclusive components in order to transfer the essence to the skin membrane and restore its vitality. White pearl moistens while the platinum particles help the skin to retain the moisture. Formulated with lemon, orange, and kiwi extracts, together they help the skin's metabolic processes then allowing the platinum and pearl essence to work better. This mask whitens leaving the skin bright and translucent looking. They based the formulation on DIXAS ComplexTM which has up to 10 amino acid molecules to make the skin soft and supple."

For all skin types; particularly suitable for partially dry skin and skin that lacks luster.

Unlike all the other sheets masks from MBD, the lift stretch mask does not come with a plastic protector. The mask itself has a criss-cross diamond design for uniform distribution of the serum. The material is super soft and stretchy so it is less prone to ripping. It is thinner than the original material of the MBD masks, but thicker than the updated and improved versions (MBD recently revamped the material of the sheet masks). The mask fits face well and due to the ear hooks, it covers a good amount of area (face, jaw & upper neck) and really clings. The hooks also causes a lot of tension so some parts of the cloth didn't fit as nicely (i.e. under lip & nose). The mask doesn't fit as much as I'd like it to (face shape wise) but when it is stretched tight and taut, it feels really firm and secure :) 

Like all MBD masks, they are saturated with serum and there is often extra. The Platinum+Pearl Lift Stretch Mask is no exception: I was able to fill the excess in one container in a contact lens case! This is probably because of the whoppin' 28mL of serum~! The serum is light and clear and is very fast absorbing so I don't have to leave the mask on for too long (maybe just 15-20 minutes? I like to leave them on for 30 minutes though :P). It carries a pretty floral scent that isn't overwhelming but leaves your skin delightfully fresh smelling ^.^ I'm actually really fond of the scent...it's soothing and relaxing.

Here are two creepy pictures of my floating head wearing the mask...haha

 See all those flaps? ugh.
Although it feels really cool and calming on the skin, I didn't notice any drastic improvements to my skin after using it. The mask did not whiten at all and my skin was only brightened slightly. My skin was hydrated but not deeply moisturized so I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry skin (unlike its claims, pffffft). It felt firmer and tighter (effect was only temporary, unfortunately), skin was supple, smooth and soft. I actually prefer the masks from MBD's normal line up better... -_-" like my beloved bird's nest.

I think that they should think of improving the design of the mask. I found too many loose flaps around the chin and cheek (near the ears). Will I purchase? Maybe...depending on price and availability. It was slightly disappointing (benefits were too "hyped" up by the company) but I've only used this once. Overall, I'd give it a 6.75/10 ( haha I couldn't decide between a 6.5 or a 7 o_O) for a fast absorbing and floral scented masks that doesn't provide major improvements in the skin (only have basic benefits).

 My aunt got it for me in Hong Kong at Mannings for $6HKD or $0.78CAD (it was $12 for two, BOGO). If you're interested, you can get them at Prettyandcute.com (you can get a whole box or one individually).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spotted! Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef

aaaaah. It seems like the last time I did a Spotted! post was years ago... I'm glad to be back in action ;)

I went to Pharmaplus today and was really happy and ecstatic when I saw the Revlon collection that had the highly raved  CORAL REEF Super Lustrous lipgloss as part of the display! The display also had the other colours: Peach Petal, Fire Cracker. No sightings of Lilac Pastel though :/

taken from http://gwenned.onsugar.com/
There are only 2 of each colour in each display so hurry and grab it before it's all gone! Pharmaplus is also having a promotion on Super Lustrous Lipglosses: $3.00 off regular price ^.^

Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the Mail: Pink and Sunshine

So life has been so hectic these days. Like c'mon, I barely get the time to think. Even when I fall asleep, I dream so much that in the morning, I'm still exhuasted. Haha.

I've been meaning to show you guys what came in the mail throughout August to November...see how backlogged I am?! SOme of these are samples while the others are giveaway winnings. It might seem like that I'm one lucky girl but that's not really the case. oh well ><

Friday, November 5, 2010

Barbie Loves Joe Fresh

Recently, I found out that Joe Fresh is collaborating with Barbie (TM) for a sleepwear collection ^^ It's interesting so I decided to share~! Joe Fresh is hosting a contest where you can win some fab Barbie PJs, sleeping bags and much more! Even if the chances of winning might be slim, Joe Fresh is holding fun and exciting events such as cupcake decorating and t-shirt designing :) I think those events might be more suitable for kids. If you know what I mean *wink wink*

For event details, click here.
For contest details, click here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New My Beauty Diary Masks: Platinum+Pearl and Gold+Marine Collagen

I was very excited when I recieved the MBD masks my aunt had bought for me in Hong Kong. I didn't expect these ones because I haven't heard about them at all! (I only requested for the Bird's Nest Mask because I've heard good reviews on it and I know that it'll take a million years until I can get it in Canada!) However, when I did some researching, I was able to track these down in the HK blogosphere. I guess the news haven't hit us yet >< These aren't like the regular and luxury lines from MBD. Instead, these are stretch lift masks which means that they have hooks for the ears and they cover your chin so it stays on your face. For reference, the design is just like the the notorious Sexy Look masks that Kathi from Lotus Palace raves about ^^ This is not a review but an informative post since I haven't gotten to use them yet. The lovely Blair requested me to share about the new masks!

Platinum+Pearl Lift Stretch Mask
For all skin types; particularly suitable for partially dry skin and skin that lacks luster.

Everything is written in Chinese so I did my best with translating...
This sheet mask is specially made with grain and exclusive components in order to transfer the essence to the skin membrane and restore its vitality. White pearl moistens while the platinum particles help the skin to retain the moisture. Formulated with lemon, orange, and kiwi extracts, together they help the skin's metabolic processes then allowing the platinum and pearl essence to work better. Is it just me or is the company totally overselling these sheet masks? They are describing it as a miracle in a sheet of cotton (or whatever it is)...This mask whitens leaving the skin bright and translucent looking. 

Gold+Marine Collagen Stretch Lift Mask
For all skin types; particularly suitable to skin with fine lines and skin that lacks elasticity.

Gold particles have a great physical property of conductivity. This activates the function of the marine collagen in slowly drying up fine lines yet firming the skin and keeping it hydrated. Makes the kin vibrant and smooth. With sugar maple and sugar cane extracts, it is good at softening the delicate facial skin. 

They based the formulation on DIXAS ComplexTM which has up to 10 amino acid molecules to make the skin soft and supple. The mask itself is woven in a diamond pattern for uniform distribution of the serum. Super soft cotton mask full of stretchy fibers, it can fit a variety of face shapes. With the ear hook design, it covers every inch of your skin. There is 28mL of serum per mask which is a very generous amount :)  And there were a lot more but none of it made much sense hah.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FOB: Fantasy Makers and NYC Blushable Creme Stick

Recently (hehe on Tuesday), I went over to Rexall Pharmaplus to pick up some NYC goodies since they were on sale for $2.99CAD! I decided to pick up the shade big apple blush since it's warmer but still pink enough for my liking ^^ I've also had my eyes on the new fantasy makers halloween makeup and fortunately, I found the glitter eyeliner and the glitter for $3.99 :) 

Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz
The glitter is so pretty! It's a silver that reflects multicolour..if that makes any sense. Is the correct term holo-glitter? 

Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliner in 11234 Mystical
A beautiful royal purple with fine flecks of multicoloured glitter~! Gorgeous! I was debating on whether I should get this or the blue one.

NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush

with flash

without flash

11236 Secrecy (jade), 11328 Magical (blue&green glitter)

11236 Secrecy (jade), 11328 Magical (blue&green glitter)
The pink swatch is Maybelline Color Sensational in Coral Gleam. Their newer shades 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

FOB: but not so fresh...

I almost forgot to post about my haulings during September...I just never have the time! I'm really behind on the stuff that I want to show you!

from lush:
  • dragon's egg bath ballistic (see review here)
  • twilight bath ballistic
  • cosmetic warrior mask

I'm a chocoholic X3 got these from a famous chocolate store in Stratford, Ontario 

finally! some MBD masks! I almost ran out of my beloved aloe one. 
  • bird's nest (they're really moisturizing! evens out your skin tone too!)
  • red wine
  • apparently they're really new. i've never seen these ones before but they fit your neck as well! they have these straps that hook onto your ears :) i will post more details on these later

Fall in Love with Autumn

While the sky was blue and sunny, I took a few pictures of the falling leaves and the beautiful array of colours. The funny thing is, I took it in my backyard~! Or close to it anyways... ^_~

The leaves change colours fast. A couple of days later...

Tell me what you think about this type of post :) Yay or nay?
(These pictures belong to me. So if you are planning to use them, please let me know)
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