Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oooh so cute! You're never too old for Hello Kitty

Or a McDonald's happy meal...haha
I saw these cute Sanrio watches and I knew I had to get the Hello Kitty one! I love HK as a kid so there was obviously no way I could have resisted.

I was lucky enough to get it since I heard others saying that the herro kitty runs out fast. They also had other really cute characters: Chococat, Sugarbunnies, My Melody, Keroppi (the frog). Grab them when you still can!


  1. Why don't they have such cool toys at the McDonalds here? I always get figurines which I have no use for at all. :( You need to get the sugarbunnies one! Reminds me of your username. ^^

    ♥ Milk

  2. they have waaaaay cooler toys in hong kong :P they dont look as cheap. thank goodness it's a watch! even if someone were to make fun of it, at least it's useful ^^ i was thinking of getting it! but it was just so childish and hello kitty is just..a MUST HAVE! i might get it next time, it actually reminded me of my blog too. if cinnamoroll and sugarbunnie had a kid, then you'd get CINNABUNNIE! haha

  3. i agree, you're never too old for hk ;D hahah they had hk toys in happy meals here quite a few times too. i had a happy meal everyweek for the sake of the toy XD

  4. OH I want kerroppi!!! i dont think we have this happy meal "toy" in here. huhuhu. you are really lucky to get herro kitty! :D

    RYC, the mango platter consists of, mango sherbet, mango jelly, mango mochi, etc. so good! it makes me miss HK all the time. LOL

  5. amanda~ if it's sanrio, it's totally worth it!
    coffretgorge~ kerroppi is really cute too! i guess different countries get different ones XD you should def try the ones in HK. they usually have really cute toys ! i love mangoes! i'll be sure to try it when i go back! thanks


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