Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the Mail: Pink and Sunshine

So life has been so hectic these days. Like c'mon, I barely get the time to think. Even when I fall asleep, I dream so much that in the morning, I'm still exhuasted. Haha.

I've been meaning to show you guys what came in the mail throughout August to November...see how backlogged I am?! SOme of these are samples while the others are giveaway winnings. It might seem like that I'm one lucky girl but that's not really the case. oh well ><

If you are interested in knowing more about something or you'd like a review, please let me now ^.^

P&G Brand Sampler
This is a great way to try new things. Really. How many times have you been excited about one product and when you bring the new 'jewel' home, you find yourslf greatly disappointed? Another benefit is that the P&G samples are always updated and there are new ones every 3 months. I believe you can get them if you live in Canada or the States

 Frebreze Air Freshener, Crest 3D WHITE whitening strip, Scope Outlast mouthwash, Secret Cocoa Butter Body Mist

Milk n Cookiie
These two lovely girls living in Amsterdam hosted an amazing giveaway with a fun twist. You had to guess the objects in pixelated pictures in order to place an entry! I think it's the most creative giveaway I've ever participated in~!

I was so happy when I saw this sitting on my desk.
I really love the goodies:
  • Esprique Precious True Impact Eyes in T-1 (my favourite palette of all IS my very first Japanese palette ;)
  • KAI Masacara Guard (very interesting and useful. multipurpose)
  • assortment of sheet masks (MBD, Cosmed etc.) and samples
  • Kiss Me Goodlash Power Beam Eyes mascara
  • A sweet note
I love Rilakkuma~!
Thanks for showering me with so much love! Be sure to check them out here

Palmer's Breast Cancer Edition Prize Pack

Cellnique Sample
I was one of the first 50 readers to sign up after reading someone's blog post about Cellnique products. Be sure to keep an eye out for anyone that reviews their products! They usually have a mini giveaway after where you can sign up for a sample ^.^ I was hoping that I would get to try the much raved about Skin Action Sebum Gel. But that's alright, I heard this cleanser is also pretty dece.

Fortune Cookie Soap Sample
I won a twitaway where I was lucky enough to be given a chance to try the Strawberry and Champagne FCS. Thank you, Renay! (she had to send the package 3 times before it got to me :/) She was also very kind and included some other samples for me to try [=

The Bart stamps are adorable!
Beautiful card

L'Oréal Fall Winter 2010 Beauté Magazine

More and more cosmetic companies have jumped into the bandwagon of distributing their own magazines that feature their products. 

They do have benefits:
  • free coupons
  • free samples
  • makeup/hair advice and tips
If you're interested in the Beauté magazine, you can sign up here. All you have to do is make a myL'Oréal account.


  1. omg so many freebies! you lcky girl :) esp liking the palmer goodies <3

  2. OOOh I sense a few reviews coming up! A good thing, because I like your reviews.

  3. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blogsale regardless! ( :

  4. amanda~ i really love the pink bottles ^^
    Old Cow~ thanks! Im glad you enjoy so backlogged though :P
    ELLI~ anytime!

  5. Hey, the Tony Moly Ice Pack is supposed to help reduce the size of pores and reduce redness. It smells and feels great! It's feel s like a weird jelly pack. ( :

  6. ELLI~ that sounds really good! i have big pores so hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on that! it looks quite edible too...


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