Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bunnie Likes: Joe Fresh Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner

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eyeliner is essential and i think that every girl that wears make up should have one. of course, everyone is different so we all have to go through the trouble of finding the right one. i bought the joe fresh fine tip liquid liner a few months ago and i actually really like it, even though it isn't really that great =P i heard from several people that this eyeliner is the exact dupe for mac's pen ultimate eyeliner! here's the youtube video. the joe fresh eyeliner retails for $6.00CAD while the mac one is $16.50USD. 

the ingredients...hmm..i wonder if it matches the mac one exactly.... ^^

its claim: "shape and define your eyes with easy to handle liquid liner. dries fast for rich, deep, long lasting colour."

the packaging is quite bland and generic which i don't mind. it has a cap that provides a good grip on the pen so i don't have to worry about it drying out fast. it even says to store horizontally otherwise the eyeliner might not last.

the joe fresh collection is only available in loblaw and superstore chains across Canada.

i like the the flexible fine tip that makes application easy. from thin to thick lines, you can control this eyeliner without a problem. i like to apply it using small strokes and building up the colour, then winging it out. sometimes, the ink doesn't reach the tip so you might have to give it a good shake. i find that the tip may become worn out or frayed with time :/ but it's still in fairly good shape right now. 

as for colour, i have it in black which is part of the classic collection (permanent) along with brown. i've also seen them in teal/turquoise and olive. when i say that this eyeliner doesn't deserve my love, it's because it isn't very long lasting and it smudges throughout the day. it goes on pigmented. but after a few blinks, the liner fades (maybe due to smudging) which doesn't bug me that much since it looks natural :) 

overall, a 7.5/10 but i like this joe fresh eyeliner! it definitely defines the eyes and is easy to control. i prefer liquid over pencil eyeliner because of the finish. however, this liner doesn't really last and smudges easily. but for 6 bucks, you really can't complain! if i somehow get my hands on a dolly wink liquid eyeliner, i'll probably ditch this one >.< 

so would you give this a try?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spotted! Joe Fresh Fall/Winter 2010 Nail Polish Collection & Mini Haul

i got around to actually taking the picture today. so happy the joe fresh new nail polishes arrived! i was lemming the matte top coat when i first heard about it.

from left: matte top coat, storm, fog, brick, caramel, khaki, persian blue, jade, orchid

this is a small buy ( i just love joe fresh nail polishes lol): matte top coat, orchid (deep plumish purple), jet (black)

they were 3 for $10CAD, available at any loblaw and superstore chain. the matte coat and orchid is part of the fall collection while jet is part of the permanent classic collection ^^

my 'sister' :P wanted a good black polish so i referred her to this one. to my surprise, one coat is already really opaque and it dries hella fast!

i swatched two of the other colours in the fall collection so stay tuned for another, swatched up a storm post! enjoy you weekend, ladies!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

hello my lovely readers! hope you are all doing well ^^ i'm very excited to share with you that Aubrey from Girl Meets World has awarded me with the Sunshine Blog award! i am really grateful because i never expected to get something as special as this. it really does mean a lot when people drop by and leave a few kind words :) as well as reading what i have to say. thank you, Aubrey! you made my day when i got this haha

 Here are the following bloggers that i absolutely adore!

i really admire these ladies. be it writing style or the things that they have to say, i really enjoy reading them! it's too bad i can only choose 12! there are way more that i read daily ^^


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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Swatched Up a Storm: Nail Polish 1

i've finally acquired enough nail polish swatches to show you guys! except, the idea of writing down the names did not occur to me...

left to right: joe fresh nail polish in espresso, milani nail lacquer in key lime shine, jf n/p in grape and ink. all is one coat.

sally hansen HD nail polish. i can't recall the exact shade but it is purple and has glitter flecks in it. it isn't part of the usual line.

nicole by OPI gossip girl collection

bottom clockwise: nicole...spotted!, scandals, secrets and sparkle, too rich for youparty in the penthouse
all is 2-3 coats.

direct sunlight

sally hansen complete salon manicure summer 2010 collection i think ^_~
top to bottom: hidden treasure, silver lining, ...
all one coat! that's why the colour isn't really showing..

silver lining, (some pink version of dive deeper whose name does not occur to me)

dive deeper

dive deeper 

FOB: August, I Miss You

hey lovelies! i'm sorry with my absence but school just started and it's already hectic...i'm ahead on one day but totally behind on the other >.< i'm just glad that the weekend is here! i don't think i'll have as much time to watermark and resize my photos so i'm just going to let them be. it makes the whole photo more appealing anyways ^^ (please don't steal my pictures. if you want to use them, make sure you let me know and give me the credit).

FOB means 'fresh of the buy' (lol. i couldn't think of anything else). i'm going to show you what i've acquired over the month of august in a 'LOOK BOOK' fashion. it's just where i have very few (or even no descriptions). just pictures =) 

mint/peacock/faded violet
review coming up soon! love them so far!

annabelle mono eyeshadow in lagoon and rainforest
chain and ribbon necklace from smart set 
some pads for my shoes

lush honey i washed the kids soap
lush all bland cleanser sample
hard candy baked blush crush in living doll
fruits and passion shower gel sample

my mom needed a new face product so i recommended theBalm balm shelter tinted moisturizer to her. the Bahama mama bronzer and overshadow the sexpots were both GWP.

posh brushes are no longer available at pharmaplus so i picked the eyeliner duo up before it was gone forever.

i went to toronto (pacific mall) and bought a cute acid wash skirt. i like it because of the wash and the length (not too short). some pens and pencils for back-to-school (unfortunately) and i got the strawberry as a thing where you add a bit of money when you reach a certain amount with your purchase. all the stationery stuff were $1CAD! it's really good cuz they're actually cute (not like the ones you get from the dollar store =P) also got my first pair of circle lenses! i don't know why but i look creepy in them...maybe i'm not used to them *sigh* i don't want to waste them. they are the GEO angel brown ones ^^

i'll most likely show you some of the stuff in detail sooner or later! so stay tune!

enjoy your weekend~!

Monday, September 6, 2010

DIY: Facial Net for Foamy Lather

taken from http://illybaba.onsugar.com/
nah. it's not a net you put over your face or anything. it is actually supposed to foam up your cleanser into a rich frothy lather so that you can gently wash your face. i got my inspiration from K and for more info on facial nets, click here.

i'm sure a lot of you will have trouble finding these (like me) so i made this tutorial where you can make your own! it's rather simple ^^

what you'll need:
-a shower pouf (preferably new)
-plastic ring (optional)

1. take your pouf and rip apart so that it's not a bundle anymore but a long scarf. the pouf should be held together by string so you can just snip it.

2. cut the scarf into desired length. you will have multiple pieces.

3. take one and tie a knot on top and attach it to a ring if you wish.
voila~! you're finished! =) wasn't that easy or what?

this actually works like a charm! it foams up my cleanser so that i don't tug my skin when i wash. you actually save lots of product and time. just a little drop, rub it with the net, and comes rich frothy lather. after, just rinse it and leave it to air dry. if you want more detailed instructions on how to use one, definitely check out K's blog post.

say hello to clean and refreshed skin! 
(you can also splurge on expensive products (like cleansers) with your money saved using your face net)

hope you liked this simple and brief tutorial!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet Treats: Meji Baked Wheat Cracker in Chocolate

sometimes, i get rather bored so i just post on random things like food ^^

these little whip cream (look-alike) blobs are basically cocoa puffs. inside, there's a creamy filling, lighter than icing, but thicker than whip cream (a bundle of joy really). crisp thin choco buiscuits that melt in your mouth although they don't look as decadent as the cover... throw them in the fridge and you get ice cream puffs =)

i got this for $2.99CAD at an oriental market and it also comes in a white chocolate flavour ^_^

(please excuse the chipped nail polish. i was trying this revlon top speed nail polish)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bunnie Likes: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain & Balm

throughout the year, many cosmetic companies have jumped on to the lip stain bandwagon. so what makes the revlon just bitten lipstain & balm stick out from the crowd? besides that the names of the shades mildly relates to twilight *shivers*, a moisturizing balm is incorporated since stains tend to be drying.

wanna hear my thoughts?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nail It! for Fall/Winter 2010 with Joe Fresh

fall is the time for new makeup collections to arrive in stores. these new shades will soon pop up at your local superstore and loblaw so be sure to check them out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spotted! Get Fresh Faced in 5 with Joe Fresh

recently, i stumbled upon this interesting looking palette during my visit at loblaw ^^ (i love that place. lawl.) i would like the palette better if they used a sturdier material as to just plain cardboard. i do, however, like the soft focused spots that they printed on the palette. 

this palette features 4 eyeshadows, 1 lipgloss, 1 lipstick, 1 blush and 1 bronzer which retails for $20CAD. i've seen these palettes popping up at various superstore and loblaw chains. 

these shadows look pigmented enough

the proportions are generous but not too much that it'll take a million light years to finish (although none of us really ever finish up an eyeshadow...). i think the eyeshadows may be full size though.

so a 5 minute face...sounds promising ^^ and im glad they used colours that would work well with a variety of skin tones. im not very sure about the blush though. it might not show up on darker skin :S 

have you tried this yet?

do you think you will?

lemme know!
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