Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet Treats: Meji Baked Wheat Cracker in Chocolate

sometimes, i get rather bored so i just post on random things like food ^^

these little whip cream (look-alike) blobs are basically cocoa puffs. inside, there's a creamy filling, lighter than icing, but thicker than whip cream (a bundle of joy really). crisp thin choco buiscuits that melt in your mouth although they don't look as decadent as the cover... throw them in the fridge and you get ice cream puffs =)

i got this for $2.99CAD at an oriental market and it also comes in a white chocolate flavour ^_^

(please excuse the chipped nail polish. i was trying this revlon top speed nail polish)


  1. omg these look yummy! I must try hunting them down at my local oriental store :)

  2. they are delicious! good luck! it shouldn't be too bad though. i found them in asian junk food stores too


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