Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spotted! Joe Fresh Fall/Winter 2010 Nail Polish Collection & Mini Haul

i got around to actually taking the picture today. so happy the joe fresh new nail polishes arrived! i was lemming the matte top coat when i first heard about it.

from left: matte top coat, storm, fog, brick, caramel, khaki, persian blue, jade, orchid

this is a small buy ( i just love joe fresh nail polishes lol): matte top coat, orchid (deep plumish purple), jet (black)

they were 3 for $10CAD, available at any loblaw and superstore chain. the matte coat and orchid is part of the fall collection while jet is part of the permanent classic collection ^^

my 'sister' :P wanted a good black polish so i referred her to this one. to my surprise, one coat is already really opaque and it dries hella fast!

i swatched two of the other colours in the fall collection so stay tuned for another, swatched up a storm post! enjoy you weekend, ladies!


  1. looks like they aren't restocking very well, as usual. I emailed them about this during the first round of polishes and never heard back. :(

  2. yeah. its silly because i always have certain items i wanna buy but they never have it in THAT colour... >.< like the mint nail polish, i had to go to 3 different loblaw/superstore chain to find it. ugh. and the people that are in charge of PR or twitter whatever is so rude. they never reply to questions. if they don't get back to you, i have no problem helping you file a complaint ;D

  3. Can't wait for your next post! I'd love to see orchid on your nails!!

  4. Gorgeous shades! Orchide is my fave

  5. i think the bottles look cute :3

  6. Blair~ its probably gonna take awhile because i still have the spring/summer colours lined up for review (i know its sorta late. but some of the colours actually work for fall ^^)
    Old Cow~ thanks! orchid is a rich and succulent shade of plum :)
    amanda~ they are just adorable!

  7. I've been waiting for the fall colours to come out... need to get my hands on the grey!!

  8. Are these available at Superstore?
    I would love to try them..

  9. alison~same here! ^^ make sure to hurry because they sell out fast!
    bourbon fatal~ they're perfect for fall: rich sultry shades
    Miss*Kimmy~ yes, they should be available at the joe fresh beauty section :) have fun!

  10. posting some swatches and review of fig, orchid and persian blue now.. :)

  11. those are lovely colours as well :) thanks for the review ^^


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