Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blair's 1043+ Giveaway~

Blair has fabulous goodies to giveaway and I'm sure everyone would like to join the fun! Just look the kawaii packaging! Thanks Blair (L) Join this giveaway here.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Giveaways that You should Enter!

Have a thing for bronzers? Enter this Bronzer Bonanza giveaway here. Ends July 15th.

You've heard me rave about Annabelle products before ^^ If you live in Canada or the U.S., you'll have chance to try them for yourself! Enter here. Ends June 30th.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

CinnaBunnie Loves: LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser

LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser
This is a small sample of LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser that I got with my LUSH purchase in February. LATE! I know...I am a noob that likes to procrastinate xD. This sample lasted me around 7 uses which means that a full size of 100g will last you for quite a while.

I lightened the photo so that you can see its texture better
Claims: Dark and tough, this one doesn't mess about. It's a black, squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate you skin. Nutritious avocado oils softens, glycerine keeps the moisture in and black sugar scrubs away. Dark Angels is a hardcore cleanser with a little bit of surfactant mixed in to remove dirt and grease.

This is the amount I use (approx 1/4 tsp)
Texture & formulation: In its solid form, it is very crumbly. Dark Angels forms a gritty paste when mixed with water. Dark Angels Cleanser is more like a scrub but it isn't too abrasive. Sometimes there are larger, jagged particles in there. I'm guessing it's the black sugar or something crystallized. The paste spreads easily but unevenly onto the skin. Make sure you don't add too much water or it will become too watery and messy.

Ingredients (source:

I like to add 3-4 drops of water for a thick consistency
Scent & colour: Once you open a the container, a sharp smell of lavender and volcanic ash hits your nostrils. Or it hit mine hard....with a vengeance :P I'm not exactly a fan of the scent but I can tolerate it. You either love it or hate it. Dark Angels remind me of MAC's Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask in terms of colour and scent. The colour is a really dark gray or charcoal (surprise, surprise).

The finished product
Application & usage: The paste is pliable and easy to spread although it doesn't go on even like peanut butter. Dark Angels can be a little rough for daily use, so I think it is best for every 2 to 3 days. You must be careful when using this as it gets really messy and leaves gray spots on the sink. Hence, I prefer to use it in the shower. Like I said before, 1 teaspoon is a lot and a little goes a long way. Just add a few drops of water, mix, and massage onto wet skin.

Not scary at all
Effects: This cleanser does what it claims in terms of absorbing oil, exfoliating, removing dirt, and locking in moisture. Just after one use, my whole face is a lot smoother. My pores become smaller as there are less oil and sebum. I think it will do wonders for clogged pores when you use this in conjunction with a nose strip. It sort of does a funny thing: after washing my face with it, my dirty pores and whiteheads seem to be highlighted in gray. They are closer to the surface too! As for removing makeup, it doesn't do anything. I still sparkle like Edward. Dark Angels doesn't hydrate the skin, but it doesn't strip the skin of moisture. Thanks glycerine!

A closer look
Price & availability: Like all of LUSH's cleansers that come in a roll,  they have to chop it up. Dark Angels cost $11.50CAD for 100g. It is available in any LUSH store or online. I believe there is no expiry date so the cleanser will still be fine after a couple of months. I would use it as soon as I buy it so it's as "fresh" as it could be.

Overall: LUSH Dark Angels is great for those with oily and combination skin. It does a great job with removing surface oils while retaining moisture and it makes the skin smooth after use. It does get messy so be careful while using it. I love it for doing it what it claims, but I will not repurchase it as it doesn't suit my skincare needs. 8/10

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Giveaways that You should Join too!

I've been dying to try products from Korea ^^ And the recent hype and raves about the brand Holika Holika are making me wanting it more and more. Aiiiiiiya! The Product Whore Fruity Giveaway ends June 30th.

Do you like the feeling of suspense and perhaps surprise? Check out this fun and creative giveaway at the Worship at the House of Blues. Ends June 15th. The more the merrier ;)

I'm so glad that the wonderful Anna gave me an opportunity to score these awesome products! The packaging is too cute ^^ Join her Share your Favourites Giveaway ends July 1st (woooo! Canada day!)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spotted! Joe Fresh Pop Gloss, Cream Eyeshadow in Guava & Blush in Apricot

Joe Fresh Pop Gloss

Bottom: Joe Fresh Pop Gloss in Cosmo
If you happen to see the colour swatches on the Joe Fresh website, the colours are totally off. Unless I mixed up the names with their respective colours.

Joe Fresh Cream Blush
The colours were really similar when I saw them in the store. But you can see that Rose is a little cooler with slight mauvy undertones (a baby pink) where as Apricot is more peachy. I can't wait to see the rest of the colours!

Joe Fresh Cream Eyeshadow in Guava and Cream Blush in Apricot
This is the second cream eyeshadow I've seen so far. Guava is a warm pink with gold flecks in it, if I remember correctly. You can see the other cream eyeshadow in Cactus I blogged about here.

 It's a good time to try base makeup from Joe. Liquid and cream foundations and powder are all on sale! A pretty sweet deal.

Ecotools are now available at your local Loblaw :)

Are you a Domo fan? 
Check out Eki's Domo giveaway here

Canada's Wonderland
They're so fwuffy. I want dem all. >.<

Spotted! & Swatched Up a Storm: PharmaPlus 05/22/2011

Annabelle Jungle Belle Summer 2011 Collection
 I saw this at Shoppers Drug mart as well as PharmaPlus.

L'Oreal Eye Fashion for the Fearless LE Collection
  I saw this at Shoppers Drug mart as well as PharmaPlus.

Sinful Colors H2O Collection
Our lovely friends in the States already got this display in their drugstores in March.

Sally Hansen Beauty Tools

This collection is massive! It is very impressive because there are 4 different types of tweezers! I wonder if the eyelash curlers are any good.

Marcelle Being a Girl Collection
I'm really grateful that Marcelle decided to do this type of project. When you purchase any one of these products, 50 cents will go to the Because I am a Girl campaign. Just a brief intro of this campaign (from their site): "Plan International's Because I am a Girl initiative is a social movement to unleash the power of girls and women to claim a brighter future for girls in the developing world."

Marcelle Multi-Colour Powder Blush in Timeless Charm/
Marcelle Lux Gloss Sheer in Sorbet
I had to play with the exposure to get the true colour of the gloss to show.

Indoor/indirect sunlight/flash
Marcelle Lux Gloss Sheer in Sorbet over Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy
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