Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Treats: Meiji Chocolate Hearts

candy hearts, you are forever banished!
these chocos are the next best thing, great for v-day.

are you drooling over the kawaii packaging yet? ^.^

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mystical Fairytale Eyes featuring Annabelle HYPE Collection

i bought a few mono eyeshadows from annabelle's fall 2010 hype collection so i decided to play around with it. i just really love the bright colours and mixing & matching them led me to this ^^ it turned out to be pretty decent so i'm sharing it with you girls! 

products used:
annabelle custom quad eyeshadows in ultraviolet, fantasy, rainforest, lagoon, revolver
joe fresh fine liquid liner in black
covergirl lash blast luxe mascara in black emerald

(coutesy of Joe Fresh)

(courtesy of CoverGirl)

if you noticed, you can see that my lashes don't curl :( i have a manual and heated eyelash curler but they don;t really do anything. any suggestions?

hope you enjoyed this look!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Annabelle Fall 2010 HYPE Collection & Swatches

if you follow me on twitter, or have been reading the 'chit chat' box, then you would know that i am very hyped for annabelle's new fall collection ^^ like any drugstore display, there are different versions. the one i saw at shoppers had the studio pigment eye pop instead of the newly packaged volumelip glosses while the display at rexall pharma plus had the glosses but not the pigments. either way, i was jumping and clapping my hands in joy when i saw these (well..more like in my head because the sales ladies would just think im crazy which im not *nervous laughter* clearly.)

(courtesy of Annabelle Cosmetics)

this is gonna be a long post where you're gonna see:
-swatches of multiple products
-lotta pictures
-new custom quad cases
-and much more!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Spotted! New Annabelle Volumelip Plumping Gloss

annabelle finally revamped their packaging for these glosses (it came with the HYPE 2010 display)! im so glad ! it used to be a clear tube that was difficult to squeeze -_- NOT ANYMORE! these newbies are sleek (same packaging...they just appeal to me ^^ maybe because they look like a test tube? i happen to like chem =P) and easy to use!
(courtesy of Annabelle Cosmetics)

i saw them at pharmaplus for approx. $8.49CAD really recommend these as non-sticky lipglosses that provide a hue and a little bit of an extra 'oomph!' to your lips

they also released a new shade in 'poetic mauve'. it's really pretty (see the purple behind 'sweet tweet'? yes i know. it's gorgeous) lilac mauvey pink with a slight bluish sheen! but it's not overpowering at all so even girls like me with a medium tan (yellow) skin tone can pull it off.

you can read reviews here and here (i love these two girls!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swatched Up a Storm: Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipsticks

(courtesy of

these are marcelle's new line of lipsticks. they feature a formula that provides lips with hydration and volume (in a plumping sense). more details here ^^ they were just released at walmart and i just happened to be there when the lippies were still brand new =] i slicked one on and lemme tell ya, the formula glides like a dream X3 offering great pigmentation (it was enough to cover my natural lip colour with just one swipe). i tried on sincerity which is a light nude pink with mauve undertones. i think this is my favourite and if im gonna pick it up, it's gonna be this one =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spotted! Joe Fresh Spring/Summer Collection on Sale

joe fresh has all of their summer eyeshadows except for peacock (matte teal) are on sale for $2.04CAD at my local loblaw. all lipglosses are only $6.00CAD instead of the usual 8 bucks =]

i noticed that a lot of the face products such as the liquid foundation and powder are on sale as well for $6.00CAD

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spotted! Posh Brushes on Clearance at Pharmaplus

(courtesy of
if you've never used POSH brushes before, you should really run to the store before you miss it ;) once it's gone, it's gone forever!!! (oh noes!!) rexall is replacing these great quality brushes with their own brand (Rexall BLUE i think). i personally own some face and eye brushes and have been using them for over a year now ^^ the regular price ranges from $4.99CAD-$19.99CAD which isn't too bad, especially considering that they last and make the application waaaay smoother. rexall is clearing them out so they are 50% off. I bought the eyeliner duo for only $4.99 and the kabuki brush with case is only $9.89 (originally $40.00 on their website...phew! the difference is HUGE!). There are only a few brushes left so HURRY! 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Spotted! Marcelle Mascara and Lux Eyeliner Coupons

Marcelle has recently released their fall 2010 collection called 'Brighten Your Eyes'. Along with that, they provided $1 off coupons for their power volume mascaralux metallic and lux diamond liquid eyeliner.

this one expires on January 31st, 2011

this one expires on February 28th, 2011

i'm lemming the eyeliner in ultraviolet and both the diamond liners ^.^
now i have a better excuse to get them haha.
they are available at shoppers (see actual pictures here

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spotted! All Milani Products 50% Off at Loblaws

hurry in to your local loblaws to pick up great quality milani products!

i went there with my bestie last thursday and everything was in stock. i picked up the last of one lipgloss though.

 here's the haul ^_~ be sure to check makeupalley before you buy certain products. generally, all lip stuff are pigmented and have good ratings =]
i was gonna pick up on of the teal eyeliners.. but i bought other things as well

if you get anything, lemme know!

FOB: Summer Fever

new jeans and capris from urban planet $10CAD each
i never really had ripped jeans and surprisingly they looked nice ^^
off the shoulder dress from jacobs that my friend got me for my birthday. i absolutely ADORE it! thank you!
coach poppy wristlet
a bunch of make up goodies 

the details are down here ^^

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nestlé Kit Kats: Royal Milk Tea, Sakura Matcha, Sparkling Strawberry, Framboise

from top left (clockwise): royal milk tea, framboise, sparkling strawberry, sakura matcha
i'm sure i'm not the only one who's encounter all the buzz with these edible delights. to check out what all the hype was about (late to join the bandwagon. i know), i picked up a few of these during my trip to toronto. pacific mall actually. they have these stores that sell asian snacks and candies and obviously, i went gaga when i saw these. each cost about $3-$4CAD. totally worth it... although they don't last long ~_~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shampoo. The Silent Killer

a little stunned right now. sure, i knew many products aren't exactly "healthy" since their main composition is made up of chemicals. but i just never thought about how large the impact would be. CANCER CAUSING? DISORDERS?

these are only some of the risks from using these products. let's hope that in the near future, the FDA will actually do something about this.

learn more about it here.

i'm gonna look deeper into the labels now o_O

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Fresh Glass Lip Gloss from Joe Fresh

(photo courtesy of Joe Fresh)

From left to right in the top row, they’re Kissable, Shell, Cosmopolitan, Naked, Toffee and Bubble Gum; the second row is Poppy, Grape, Berry, Pomegranate, Popsicle and Spice.

when i first found out that joe fresh released these new lip glosses, i made sure that i would pay my local loblaw a visit =) it did not let me down although i had to look for the display.

please excuse the poor quality photos

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spotted! ELF palettes, NYC LE summer collection & Marcelle

at shoppers, i spotted Marcelle's new "Brighten Your Eyes" collection (fall 2010). as the name suggests, all the products featured here are for the eyes. i really like the colour choices this time. i think it'll do its job of brightening around the eye area. the jewel tones are gorgeous!

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