Monday, August 16, 2010

Spotted! Posh Brushes on Clearance at Pharmaplus

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if you've never used POSH brushes before, you should really run to the store before you miss it ;) once it's gone, it's gone forever!!! (oh noes!!) rexall is replacing these great quality brushes with their own brand (Rexall BLUE i think). i personally own some face and eye brushes and have been using them for over a year now ^^ the regular price ranges from $4.99CAD-$19.99CAD which isn't too bad, especially considering that they last and make the application waaaay smoother. rexall is clearing them out so they are 50% off. I bought the eyeliner duo for only $4.99 and the kabuki brush with case is only $9.89 (originally $40.00 on their website...phew! the difference is HUGE!). There are only a few brushes left so HURRY! 


  1. I own many of the posh brushes.. didn't know they were getting rid of them! I have the kabuki in the coffin and something about it makes my face itch :(

  2. me too! i just love them ^^ well, whenever they clear stuff out, rexall usually brings in something better :) so im hoping the new brushes will perform well! hmmm thats strange..maybe it's the material?

  3. I own a bunch of their eyeshadow brushes. Decent quality for a good price. I'm so sad they're going away :'(

  4. yeah its too bad. i heard that bed bath and beyond carries them though :) you should go check it out ^^ im sure they have it somewhere in toronto


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