Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spotted! ELF palettes, NYC LE summer collection & Marcelle

at shoppers, i spotted Marcelle's new "Brighten Your Eyes" collection (fall 2010). as the name suggests, all the products featured here are for the eyes. i really like the colour choices this time. i think it'll do its job of brightening around the eye area. the jewel tones are gorgeous!

what's in it?
-lux diamond liquid eyeliner in "silver" and "pure gold"
-lux metallic eyeliner in "cobalt blue", "jade", "ultraviolet", "aqua"
-power volume mascara
-wet and dry eyeshadow quad in "teal chic" and "royalty"

some swatches of the eyeliners (= they're not that great though. sorry about that.
top to bottom: silver, pure gold, ultraviolet, cobalt blue, aqua, jade

the quads
they have a nice texture. not too powdery yet still smooth. when they're dry, the colours don't show up all that much but i can tell when used wet, they'll be absolutely enthralling.

finally found these babies at zellers ^^

i'm not sure exactly how much they cost but lemme tell you, they're over 5 bucks (darn you Americans! you get all the nice things :P)




they had the lip, smokey, neutral, bright palettes in stock as well as the beauty encyclopedia ($12.99 CAD i believe). they had other kits such as concealer (with brush and acne treatment), hollywood lashes (with glue), and hypershine lipgloss sets. in order to make way for these new products, all the 'older' ELF stuff with the fuchsia packaging had an additional 50% off ><>

i was browsing through the aisles when i saw the NYC summer 2010 LE "Sun Soaked" collection. they're products are always affordable and they keep improving! =] like the blushable cream stick has an amaaaazing formula ^^ or so i heard. i'm really impressed with this collection because their products fit the collection criteria: create a warm sun kissed glow sur la visage.

(photo courtesy of New York Color)
all the products on this display is limited edition so make sure you get some before it's all gone. i bought the kiss gloss in coral reef since it was so pretty in the tube! it was only $3.99CAD (it was calling my name...)

what's in it?
-NYC in a new york minute nail polish "coral reef" and "pink paradise"
-NYC kiss gloss in "coral reef" and "pink paradise"
-NYC waterproof eyeliner pencil in "turquoise" and "bronze gold"
-NYC metro quartet eyeshadow in "shore thing" and "sandbar"
-NYC "color wheel" mosaic powder in "sunburst" and "starburst"
-NYC smooth bronzing powder in "sun glow" and "golden glow"
(i can't really recall this last one, but it's along the line)

so what do you think? will you pick any of these products up? lemme know!


  1. I saw the ELF book palettes at a Zellers and was so tempted to buy it, but didn't because I wasn't sure about its pigmentation. How much did you buy them for?

    I snapped up the two NYC LE quads. The colours are so pretty in the packaging. I hope the pigmentation is good.

  2. i didn't buy them and i can't remember the price >< sorry but i know it costs more that 5 bucks for sure. the pigmentation is good from what i heard

    they are gorgeous and so wearable :) tell me how they work out


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