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Annabelle Fall 2010 HYPE Collection & Swatches

if you follow me on twitter, or have been reading the 'chit chat' box, then you would know that i am very hyped for annabelle's new fall collection ^^ like any drugstore display, there are different versions. the one i saw at shoppers had the studio pigment eye pop instead of the newly packaged volumelip glosses while the display at rexall pharma plus had the glosses but not the pigments. either way, i was jumping and clapping my hands in joy when i saw these (well..more like in my head because the sales ladies would just think im crazy which im not *nervous laughter* clearly.)

(courtesy of Annabelle Cosmetics)

this is gonna be a long post where you're gonna see:
-swatches of multiple products
-lotta pictures
-new custom quad cases
-and much more!

the hype collection is all about colour explosion! which is probably why i've been rolling around in my bed at night (haha...) thinking when this will hit stores cuz i LOVE vibrant colours.

display at PharmaPlus
hype features:
-new custom quad eyeshadow case designs ( i actually saw 2 new ones but only got pictures of one)
(darn you annabelle. you've made so many limited edition items =_= i'm gonna be broke after this...i want everything!) 

LE custom quad eyeshadows
i'm not exactly sure if they're LE >.< usually the ones that come in this kind of display only stay for a few weeks.

volumelip gloss with new easy squeeze tubes & LE smudgeliners
obviously, prices vary by store. most of the prices listed are from shoppers (not the one above, that's from pharmaplus)

old case vs. the new one
cases cost $6.99 CAD but you can easily catch them on sale for $2.99CAD like this week at shoppers ^_^

LE smudgeliners in foxy grey and honey
foxy grey: silver
honey: coppery gold
$10.49CAD these have a very nice formula which glides on, and dries to become smudge-proof (after you purposely smudge it of course. i own 4 of these in different colours <3)

LE hype liquid liner in electric blue
also available in mystic black (black with silver glitter)
$10.49CAD each

swatches of the eyeshadows & liners

from top left to bottom right: tutu, jazzberry, lagoon, ultraviolet, fantasy, rainforest, revolver, acid reflex
LE hype liquid liner in mystic black
LE smudgeliner in honey

swatches of the eyeshadows & liners

from top left to bottom right: tutu, jazzberry, lagoon, ultraviolet, fantasy, rainforest, revolver, acid reflex
LE hype liquid liner in mystic black
LE smudgeliner in honey

volumelip gloss in poetic mauve
this is the new colour edition :) i've already talked about it here all glosses cost $8.49CAD

display at shoppers
so i sorta lied. they do carry the volumelip glosses but only in poetic mauve. my bad. and this was the reason why it took me so long to get this post up...i wanted you guys to see all of what i see =]

LE studio pigment palette in eye pop
if you are interested in trying these pigments, this is a great way to get 4 colours in a compact and cute case. you don't have to commit to a big jar and this is also available in 'magnet eyes' (mustard yellow, leafy green, violet, black). retails for $14.99CAD at shoppers which i believe is the only place you can get them.

LE studio pigment palettes
they have the colours mixed up on the website =P i'm thinking about getting the one in 'magnet eyes.' what do you think?

volumelash mascara in 2 for 1 package
this features a dual sided brush: one for volume and one for length 2 for only $9.99CAD!


can you guess which colours i got?
i bought them at pharmaplus for $3.49CAD each and if you're interested in getting these eyeshadows, hurry in to shoppers for they are only a mere $2.99CAD from august 21 to august 27!

now i've got lots of work to do! i have to figure which products i need to try lol. without blowing the bank >< fun stuff! thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this uber long post!

GOT A SECOND? leave a comment (:

*all images without watermark are courtesy of annabelle cosmetics and are taken from or annabelle's website*


  1. i loveeee the fall colours! i bought ultraviolet, fantasy and lagoon. (i was so tempted to buy rainforest but it swatched alot like vert-to-go) I didn't see jazzberry, tutu, revolver and acid reflex at the pharmaplus i went to. booo. jazzberry looks like an awesome lid/countour colour. did you buy that one? how did you like it?

    i hope these colours are added to the permanent collection. i love annabelle shadows!

  2. me too! those colours are gorgeous ^^ yeah, i find that annabelle sometimes release colours that are really similar to each other. like toxic garden and chlorine are pretty much the same: they apply as an olive green with golden sheen. you should check out shoppers! they have them for sure! but its very similar to divine diva ;D

    im pretty sure theyre just gonna be LE =/

  3. The 4 eyeyshadows on the left are regular, the 4 on the right are LE :) Can't really tell which ones you got, it's kinda hard to see when they're in the packaging

  4. thanks :) annabelle wasn't exactly clear on which item is LE. im sorry about that. i'll keep that in mind next time!


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