Thursday, July 29, 2010

FOB: Busy June

through out the month of June, it was rather hectic...alas, time has come for me to post about things that I picked up :) (i know i know. its AUGUST. sssshhhh. i got lazy :P) FOB=fresh off the buy. although this isn't as 'fresh' as i want it to be

I love cute Asian snacks. Maybe it's because of the kawaii cartoons on them or their plain yumminess that i can't seem to resist. YEAH IM A FATTIE. haha i got some from Hong Kong when my relatives came over and the rest are from Toronto..Pacific Mall to be exact ^^

clockwise from top left: Edo strawberry filled marshmellows, fizzy fruit candies, blueberry candy, Hokkaido milk candy, coffee candy, plum candy...LE KITKATS: framboise (raspberry), Sparkling strwaberry, Sakura Matcha, Royal Milk Tea (im almost done these!!! i'll be posting about them soon) Green tea caramel corn, matcha chocochip mini cookies

Next stop: One's
This store sells a whole lot of cute things ><>

some cartoon towels...everyone loves a little bit of childhood

my friend's birthday was coming up so i picked up some goodies from her wishlist =]
from Bath and Body Works: sweet pea body lotion, C.O. Bigelow Ultra minty lip gloss and Pink Mint lipgloss
ALDO: rose rings that would go with any outfit or to perk things up
Zellers: SH Salon Nail Lacquer in Hidden Treasure (YEAH! i finally found it! but then i realized i had something similar to this already in my stash :S), Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Just Peachy and Think Pink

Liplicious Lip Color and Lip Scrub in Watermelon (smells delicious)

A while back, Pharmaplus had 50% off sell on all lip sticks and glosses. I picked up Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Let Me Pink, Annabelle Le Gloss Stick in Naught Nectar, and Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Rosey Nude. Sadly, that colour didn't look that flattering on me so I gave it to my mom.

I heard that the blush in this palette is a great dupe for Nars Orgasm Blush and it was only 10 bucks at Shoppers! It's the Rosalie palette btw. I used to be a fan of this whole saga, but after discovering that a bunch of preteens went all gaga over this, it immediately put me off -_-''

the lip gloss colours are pretty but they go on sheer (pretty, but useless). the eyeshadows are alright. although they are awfully shimmery, the colours show up and they differ from one another. the blush is just....ya know ;)

the Revlon Just Bitten lipstain was tempting. it wasn't terribly priced either. for $8.49CAD, you get a creamy balm as well as a lasting stain. i got the passion one (juicy bright pink)

the new react 5 gum. i was merely surprised to find that the gum itself is black. the flavour didn't last as long as the colour though :( fruity, citrus, tropical melange of..oranges and mangoes?
CinnaBunnie *prances off*

Friday, July 23, 2010

I like my cookiies with milk

In celebrating their one year blog anniversary, Cookiie (Tiffany) and Milk (Ella) are holding a fun and creative giveaway :)
In order to win their fantastic prizes, you have to guess the objects in the pictures ^^ (not these ones haha)
Congrats to Cookiie and Milk and I'm excited to see what they have to post in the future. Their blog features quite a lot of Asian skincare and cosmetic products. Be sure to check them out!!

Oooh so cute! the little things that make you smile

Who knew that the Kids Expo could be so much fun?!
ahahaa i kid. i kid. (no pun intended =P) I was out with a bunch of friends and we happened to come across the expo. we walked around for a bit and we found ourself to gravitate towards this little jewelry booth. we went there at least 10 times haha. they had keychains, rings, necklaces, bracelets....and some other cute nicknack's ^.^
the first thing that got my eye was this teddy bear necklace. i remember Swarovski releasing something similar to this but obvi it's much more expensive and talk about big. anyways, it cost 10 dorras so i said, "WHY NOT? it's just too adorable to resist" and i was surprised that the head and limbs actually moved WEEEEEE! cute factor x98576938457293457238

hehe it's wearing a little tuxedo...
for some strange reason, the chain it came on was waaaay to long so i switched it to a shorter one =)
My friend got this Hello Kitty ring

The expo had a lot of creative booth holders ^^
this one featured kids toys and cute hats. i even saw a cupcake one!!!
play food made from felt.

can u say mmmm?
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