Friday, July 23, 2010

Oooh so cute! the little things that make you smile

Who knew that the Kids Expo could be so much fun?!
ahahaa i kid. i kid. (no pun intended =P) I was out with a bunch of friends and we happened to come across the expo. we walked around for a bit and we found ourself to gravitate towards this little jewelry booth. we went there at least 10 times haha. they had keychains, rings, necklaces, bracelets....and some other cute nicknack's ^.^
the first thing that got my eye was this teddy bear necklace. i remember Swarovski releasing something similar to this but obvi it's much more expensive and talk about big. anyways, it cost 10 dorras so i said, "WHY NOT? it's just too adorable to resist" and i was surprised that the head and limbs actually moved WEEEEEE! cute factor x98576938457293457238

hehe it's wearing a little tuxedo...
for some strange reason, the chain it came on was waaaay to long so i switched it to a shorter one =)
My friend got this Hello Kitty ring

The expo had a lot of creative booth holders ^^
this one featured kids toys and cute hats. i even saw a cupcake one!!!
play food made from felt.

can u say mmmm?

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