Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bunnie Loves: NYC Kiss Gloss in Coral Reef

This limited edition shade Coral Reef came with the 2010 summer collection called "Sun Soaked". Before I bought this at Rexall Pharmaplus, I went on makeupalley to see if it was worth buying. I was intrigued when so many ladies said that there are supposedly green iridescent shimmers in it! I think I purchased a bad or weird tube because mine was perfectly shimmer free... 

Claims: "Tasty, Sheer Color with Vitamin E Conditioning. New York Color Kiss Gloss is a lip gloss that's bursting with flavor! Squeeze and slick on shine with a hint of sheer color. Delicious dessert flavors make your kisses irresistible!" -

Flavour & scent: All the claims remain true until it reaches this. When it comes to "bursting with flavor", it's more like being infused with an artificial wine smell and chemically infused sweetness. It's disgusting. No, really. If you put too much on, it seeps into your mouth and it's sweet, sour and artificial all at once! Worst than the after taste of aspartame. 

 Applicator & packaging: This lipgloss comes in a simply squeeze tube so you don't waste as much product. The slanted applicator allows the gloss to glide on smoothly and gives you control. Appearance wise, it isn't very impressive but it's alright. It'd be nice if they had a gradient covering fading from white to clear so you can see the actual colour without making it look as cheap.

Permanent Shades (source:

Texture & colour: Coral Reef is a beautiful medium coral that can appear as a warmer pink on the lips. Pigmented lips may have a harder time for this to show up. It gives a shiny to glossy finish depending on the amount you use but it is not sticky, just emollient which I find very comforting to my lips. It makes them smooth and soft with use and it gives my lips a hint of glossy pink. 

swatched lightly/multiple coats
Price & Availability: As with most NYC products, they are very affordable and you can get it at most drugstores. They usually have special promotions so you can look out for those! I got this for less than 5 bucks (CAD) ^^

Overall: I still really like this gloss because the quality is pretty impressive especially with the low price. It provided lips with smoothness and hydration along with a juicy color! 8/10 It would be even better if my tube had green iridescence in it...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tsubasa to Release CandyDoll Base Makeup!


On April 8, 2011, CandyDoll will have foundations (both liquid and powder which has SPF), concealers, and a primer/base out int stores! For more info, check out Tsubasa's blog ^^ I'm excited! although it'll take a million years before it'll reach me...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OTD: January 21, 2011

Hearts. Bows. Lace.
All things that I love are blended together to create this girly and sweet "je ne sais quoi." It also shows how Spring/Summer pieces can be combined with other garments so that it can work for colder seasons ^^ I got my friend to take the photos in the store so we had to be sneaky about it. Sorry for the bad angles, this outfit doesn't actually make you look pudgy ><

And I really liked these boots($19.50CAD) that I tried on at the store. They had a zipper that runs along the back of the leg and it surprisingly did not make me look shorter than I already am!

Lace motif dress: Hong Kong
Black leggings: China
Long sleeve tee with hearts: Bluenotes
Purple boots: Hong Kong
Gray knee-high boots: Ardene

And another note, Coco is having a fabulous giveaway full of etude house goodies! Click here to join the fun ^^

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lust List: Warm Bundle of Kawaii

I love the fact that all of these pieces scream warm and cozy ^^
So then you don't have to compromise warmth with cute. You get both!

You can get something exactly the same at H&M. But it costs twice as much ($39.95CAD).


Friday, January 21, 2011

Lust List: Leggings & Layers 101

I always have trouble layering up in winter especially when it's cold...I want to look cute too.

I've beem hunting down these leggings but so far, no luck. They're too sweet to pass up.

 I love the intricate cuts on it. Perfect for making an outfit more interesting.

White lace and edgy black heels? Yes please.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FOB: My Very First with Sephora

 After reading some not-so-good about Sephora and their "service", I was actually afraid to step in there especially when I know that I probably won't be buying anything. Except, this time, I had a purpose so I braved the "cold"(glares) and looked for my baby ;)

 I also dropped by H&M and I picked up this versatile waist belt for under $7CAD! Being petite sized and all, it's always hard to find a nice fitting belt.

 I was really surprised with my experience with the sales associates. They were actually very kind and helpful! I was there to pick up something from the Hello Kitty x Sephora collection and when I got there, they were still putting the display up. I swatched some of the products and a lot of it lacked pigmentation. The sweet gloss and apple cheeks didn't really show up with the exceptions to this one sweet gloss in pink grapefruit: I was able to see the satin pink and it smelled yummy too! I think the apple balm ($12CAD) is worth picking up. The SA gave me some to try: it gives you a pretty and slightly tinted pout and it's moisturizing. I only bought one item and the SA gave me 2 samples (surprisingly!) This is probably because she felt bad that I couldn't get my Bare Escentuals sample.

Hello Kitty Nail Art in Purple Sprinkles
I have it on my nails right now and I am testing it out. Review coming hopefully soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wear It & Share It: Newspaper Printed Zipper Tee 1/10/2011

Here is part of my new segment which is more fashion related. I was inspired by multiple fashion bloggers (which I adore~!) so I decided to start my own by featuring one item in each post. Of course, there are chances that I may put in an OTD here and there but I don't really feel confident when it comes to my style :P I get lazy so even though I own accessories and shoes, I don't really dress up using them. 
Here's a funky slouchy t-shirt with newspaper-like print and neon yellow zippers on it. It is definitely more on the edgy/wild side which makes it very fun to experiment with ^^ (I will put more effort and creativity in my outfits next time!)

T-shirt: Boathouse, $6.99CAD (boxing day sale)

Casual Cool
Bleached/destroyed skinny jeans: Urban Planet
Pearl & chain necklace: ALDO
I really like these light wash jeans (: They are suitable for petite-sized girls 

Edgy & Eclectic 
 Faux leather jacket: Winners
Royal blue leggings: Hong Kong
I definitely would have added a studded purse or cool shoes. Just not over the top that will overpower the main focus which is the t-shirt.

Taming the Wild (lol)
 Faux fur vest: Hong Kong
Blue skinny jeans: Urban Planet
The title is soooo creative >< I tried mixing prints here and I think it worked okay. I kept the jeans "low-key" so that it won't make the different pieces clash with each other.

Sweet & Girly
High-waisted button skirt: Pacific Mall
You get a totally different feel wen you tuck it into a high-waisted skirt~! It nips into my waist (yay) and gives my body an illusion of a better shape.

Definitely tell about how you feel about this! I have lots of improvement to make but please bare with me :D

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sample Review: L'Oréal Magic Smooth Soufflé

Remember this? When I saw this display, I decided to grab 2 samples so I can write a tiny review for you guys :) Obviously, the sample is very limited in size so my take on this product might not be as accurate as it should be. I'm thinking of a good title for this kind of post besides "sample reviews." It sounds so lame :P


If you've ever felt the texture of mousse, light fluffy and smooth, it's exactly like that. Another reference would be the Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation (in a jar).

The sample is really tiny so I needed at least 2 to cover my whole face. The shade is a little light on me and leans toward the pink side.

Here's a little test for the pigmentation of this foundation. I dabbed the product onto this freckle on my arm.


Flaking. EWW.

Pretty much no difference. Yes, it lightened up the freckle but this means that you can't cover imperfections with this. It didn't oxidize on me but the coverage is extremely sheer. I doubt that it can be buildable because everything you put more on, it just flakes or removes the layer beneath it. However, it does cover pores (not completely) but it makes them look smaller. I wouldn't recommend this for people with dry skin or someone that is looking for a foundation that really covers. 6/10

Spotted! Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss, L'Oreal MagicSmooth Souffle, Almay Smart Shade Powder

Happy New Year Everyone! Hopefully 2011 will bring you lots of joy and excitement! I want to work harder this year and be determined to I get the job done. I tend to procrastinate....

I found all of these new displays at PharmaPlus ^^

L'Oreal MagicSmooth Souffle
I was looking if this display had samples and I was glad I found them (bottom centre.) I really type up a mini review soon with my encounters with the sample ;)

Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses and Lipsticks (new shades)
I will most likely get some once they go on sale. There's no point of forking out 10 bucks for a drugstore lipgloss...right girls? *nervous laugh*

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Color
Looks like this is just the revamped version of their old lip colour duos, I'm not exactly sure.

The applicator looks flexible enough
 Almay Smart Shade Powder
It'd be interesting to see how they turn out.

Bye bye 2010! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Boy, the holidays seem to just pass you by...
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