Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FOB: My Very First with Sephora

 After reading some not-so-good about Sephora and their "service", I was actually afraid to step in there especially when I know that I probably won't be buying anything. Except, this time, I had a purpose so I braved the "cold"(glares) and looked for my baby ;)

 I also dropped by H&M and I picked up this versatile waist belt for under $7CAD! Being petite sized and all, it's always hard to find a nice fitting belt.

 I was really surprised with my experience with the sales associates. They were actually very kind and helpful! I was there to pick up something from the Hello Kitty x Sephora collection and when I got there, they were still putting the display up. I swatched some of the products and a lot of it lacked pigmentation. The sweet gloss and apple cheeks didn't really show up with the exceptions to this one sweet gloss in pink grapefruit: I was able to see the satin pink and it smelled yummy too! I think the apple balm ($12CAD) is worth picking up. The SA gave me some to try: it gives you a pretty and slightly tinted pout and it's moisturizing. I only bought one item and the SA gave me 2 samples (surprisingly!) This is probably because she felt bad that I couldn't get my Bare Escentuals sample.

Hello Kitty Nail Art in Purple Sprinkles
I have it on my nails right now and I am testing it out. Review coming hopefully soon!


  1. ahhh~ i wanna check out the line^^ wont buy anything, but still, gotta see them in person :)

    apparently some stores give real samples like we get on the website. but never gotten one.

  2. You never know! Maybe something will catch your eye. The packaging is really adorable.

    hmmm,..that's very interesting. I've never gotten one either but I'm glad I got something new to try anyways ^^


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