Friday, January 21, 2011

Lust List: Leggings & Layers 101

I always have trouble layering up in winter especially when it's cold...I want to look cute too.

I've beem hunting down these leggings but so far, no luck. They're too sweet to pass up.

 I love the intricate cuts on it. Perfect for making an outfit more interesting.

White lace and edgy black heels? Yes please.



  1. I am a tights and legginga addict so I love this post!

  2. the tights are really cute.. im too scared of the cold to put a skirt on right now :P hehe

  3. Sweetheart, I found a similar pair of heart leggings on ASOS. They are now on sale too! Here is a direct link. ^^

    ♥ Milk

  4. Old Cow~ I think I got my inspiration from you! I love the cream white tights that you own from Tabio ;)

    Nic Nic~ Agreed! Sometimes, not even leggings are enough but it's the only way to wear skirts/dresses in the winter.

    Milk~ Thanks hun! I am checking that out right now :)

  5. It looks stunning with the heels :)

  6. leggings are <3 XD

    you can find them in vancouver (thats were my friend is), and shes the one who shipped it to me.
    but yeah...otherwise we can't access them here.
    Not sure if they have been able to in the US.

    Korea didn't have them, but I think there were a few blogs that were able to find them in HK.
    for sure singapore, but stock does vary a bunch. pita but its pretty fun :) and beats the faceshop price point~

  7. Oh yeah, I remembered that there is a Daiso in Vancouver. Thanks for letting me know :)

  8. Hey! I got heart leggings from aldos! :)

  9. really? i better get my butt over there ^^ Thanks for the heads up


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