Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bunnie Loves: NYC Kiss Gloss in Coral Reef

This limited edition shade Coral Reef came with the 2010 summer collection called "Sun Soaked". Before I bought this at Rexall Pharmaplus, I went on makeupalley to see if it was worth buying. I was intrigued when so many ladies said that there are supposedly green iridescent shimmers in it! I think I purchased a bad or weird tube because mine was perfectly shimmer free... 

Claims: "Tasty, Sheer Color with Vitamin E Conditioning. New York Color Kiss Gloss is a lip gloss that's bursting with flavor! Squeeze and slick on shine with a hint of sheer color. Delicious dessert flavors make your kisses irresistible!" -

Flavour & scent: All the claims remain true until it reaches this. When it comes to "bursting with flavor", it's more like being infused with an artificial wine smell and chemically infused sweetness. It's disgusting. No, really. If you put too much on, it seeps into your mouth and it's sweet, sour and artificial all at once! Worst than the after taste of aspartame. 

 Applicator & packaging: This lipgloss comes in a simply squeeze tube so you don't waste as much product. The slanted applicator allows the gloss to glide on smoothly and gives you control. Appearance wise, it isn't very impressive but it's alright. It'd be nice if they had a gradient covering fading from white to clear so you can see the actual colour without making it look as cheap.

Permanent Shades (source:

Texture & colour: Coral Reef is a beautiful medium coral that can appear as a warmer pink on the lips. Pigmented lips may have a harder time for this to show up. It gives a shiny to glossy finish depending on the amount you use but it is not sticky, just emollient which I find very comforting to my lips. It makes them smooth and soft with use and it gives my lips a hint of glossy pink. 

swatched lightly/multiple coats
Price & Availability: As with most NYC products, they are very affordable and you can get it at most drugstores. They usually have special promotions so you can look out for those! I got this for less than 5 bucks (CAD) ^^

Overall: I still really like this gloss because the quality is pretty impressive especially with the low price. It provided lips with smoothness and hydration along with a juicy color! 8/10 It would be even better if my tube had green iridescence in it...


  1. I LOLed when I read about your description of the taste...eeeek! I'm very sensitive to taste so it's too bad this one is not so great, since the price is right! :)

  2. haha i'm glad i made you laugh hun~! thanks for dropping by and following ^^

  3. Pretty color.. too bad about the taste :P

  4. i think i might let this one slide cuz the coral is just too gorge~!


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