Thursday, February 3, 2011

NYX on HauteLook!

HauteLook currently has really good deals on NYX products ^^ They all come in sets meaning that you can't buy a specific product in a specific colour. But the price makes it worth looking at ~

Here are some of the stuff you can get:

The grinding powders look really good! $33.90

Be sure to check it out if you are a NYX fan because these sales run for a limited time! (Link here)



  1. ya the new hd foundation from NYX and their grinder (a la smashbox) stuff looks really appealing.

  2. it's the halo powder right? that caught my eye when it first came out. and now that there's a good dupe for it... ;)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm always on the lookout for NYX products since they never sell them near where I live.

  4. @Cinnabunnie - It definitely resembles the halo powder, minus the anti-aging stuff in it. I am tempted to order it but I don't know if Nude will be light enough plus there are no reviews on the stuff.

  5. uggghh i wanted to buy something so bad but im too cheap to pay $10 for shipping hahaha

  6. NYX is already pretty cheap, do they go for muchhh cheaper on Hautelook?

  7. Diana~ No problem hun! happy shopping!

    Justine~ that's the down side to online shopping. I can't ever get the right shade! I hope reviews will be popping up soon :)

    Aubrey~ haha me too :P maybe you should try a group order~

    Blair~ well, I guess it's not as cheap compared to when cherry culture has a sale. But they have newer products in sets and they look really interesting! Is there a specific item that you're looking for? I can help you check :)


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