Monday, June 28, 2010

Bunnie Loves: Joe Fresh Lip Stain

Joe Fresh is one of my favourite brands for drugstore makeup because they are affordable and the quality is great for the price. Best of all, it's a CANADIAN brand! If you live in Canada, you'd be familiar with Joe Fresh as a clothing brand but the designer, Joe Mimran, decided to tackle beauty products (read the story here). The product line ranges from foundations (powder-, liquid-form) to bronzers and blushes (stick-, powder-form) to eyeshadows, liners, mascara to lipsticks (cream., matte), lip stains, and much more. They even carry manicure kits and brushes! But the amazing thing is everything is priced from $4-$8CAD with exception to the brushes and accessories. This was a little over a year ago and Joe Fresh has now expanded to carrying bath and body care products as well as nail polishes. I'm quite excited to see what he does next =D

Looks like I got a little carried away there. Back to the lip stain review. The lip stains come in 6 colours that are part of the Classic Collection (meaning that it's permanent) and last winter, they released some wintery colours. I was lucky enough to pick one up. They had: grapefruit (pinky coral), tangerine (light orange), red (self explanatory), lilac (bright fuchsia purple), berry (deep plumish red) and some others that I can't recall. I went to Loblaw today and there were still some of the winter colours left =] It costs $6CAD which is a reasonable price. Well, sadly, Joe Fresh is exclusive and you can only find it in Canada (Superstore and Loblaw). But thats ok. Get your Canadian buddies to get you some or just come here yourself. It's a good idea, eh?

(c'mon laugh with me)


Trendyland: Lip stains

Is it just me or is the idea of lip stains hitting every drugstore brand?

For me, I'm a fan of lip stains because I tend to drink a lot of water especially in the morning so lip gloss or lipstick is out of the equation. Lip stains provide a nice wash of colour and it is generally long lasting. I just hate getting sticky lip gloss and clingy lipstick on my water bottle =P (i'm not really the cleaning type. haha) Lip stains are easy to use and portable. It's kinda like a sharpie but for your lips. They provide a nice base for lip gloss and lipsticks and when it's layered under another lip product, it can really enhance the hue! Perfect for summer months. ya know, with all those intense workouts and vacations ;D If you've never used one before, try imagining eating a cherry (i prefer strawberry) popsicle and having that juicy pop of colour transfer onto your lips ^.^ gotta love those popsicles....

I tried my best to organize these by its release date =]

So adorable!

Joe Fresh Lip Stain (Loblaws & Superstore)
I own 2 of these and I love them! Check out my detailed review here =]

I was never really interested in these. The colour selection isn't that great and I heard they dry out in no time.

I saw them today at Walmart so I picked one up. I really like the idea of the balm since the nature of lip stains is that they're drying. Check out my thoughts on this here :)

Cute packaging! I can't wait until they come to Canada!


So what do you think?
Love 'em?
Hate 'em?
Lemme know ;D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Annabelle LE Custom Quad

So a while back I posted about my haul from Shoppers and I was really excited to bring this LE quad home =) They had another quad too but I bought this one instead. The green just pulled me in. ahaha You can see the other one here I'm surprised they didn't have names for them. I'll just have to make one up: Tropical Getaway? It was about $15.99CAD which isn't bad for a quad that has 4 eyeshadows and the case. I was just a little disappointed that the colours weren't as bright ast they seem. Some were pigmented but some rarely show. Texture vary from shadow to shadow as well as the amount of fall out. (blogger keeps flippin my photos. not cool)

Laguna: vibrant sea blue. satin finish. represents the sparkling waters, the pretty sky..
This one has great pigmentation. And when you put it on, the colour actually shows without having to keep layering it. The satin finish is quite nice. Not too shimmery but not at all matte. I'll be comparing this to Nymphet (another LE Annabelle Mono Shadow). Fallout is minimal. well, at least i can handle it =P It's also very smooth and velvety to touch.
Martian: light forest olive green. The shadow itself is matte but has fine shimmer shimmer. represents the lush green leaves of the coconut trees...
I was a little saddened that it didn't show up well. It's the type that has to be layered on to get the colour out of the pan. Texture is a little harder than Laguna and when you swatch it, the effect is almost like a stain. in a way ~_~ not that great... and it was the colour that got me into buying this too! arghhhh fallout is obvious probably due to the "staining" quality.
Funburst: olive gold with chunks of gold shimmer. the finish is kinda like Martian. matte but with shimmer. represents the warmth of the golden sun rays....
Meh. yes meh. just like whatever. not a shade that I really care about. I mean it's a nice beige gold but nothing that has that WOW! factor. get what I'm sayin'? Texture is really powdery and fallout is worst then Martian. It. Gets. barely shows on my skin..kinda just blends...
Misted Up: velvet silver. smooth satin finish. ahhhh so smooth. represents the silver moonlight in the night.
Now if every make up fanatic must have a silver eyeshadow in their collection, like if it's a law, then u NEED this. The pigmentation is heavenly and the texture. OH-SO-SMOOTH!!!! It's like eating really creamy ice cream (dont put it into your mouth ladies >.<>

I decided to compare Laguna to Nymphet because their pigmentation varies greatly. Nymphet barely shows while Laguna is just WOWZA! Finger swatches, they look equally pigmented. Once transferred onto the skin, you can see the obvious difference. That's all folks! Ciao~!

Friday, June 11, 2010

FOB: Annabelle Custom Quads & Revlon Colorburst

You must be like, "WTH?? FOB does NOT go with a post like this..."

think again.

FOB may be known as Fresh Off (the) Boat and I find myself using this term quite often but that's not what I'm referring to. FOB=Fresh Off the Buy which is a haul but translated to my lingo rofl. yeah, I did my best to be creative =_=" haha. Anyways, I went to Shoppers today and I was fortunate to run into some new Annabelle goodies. I also picked up the "OH-SO-Pretty-and-Awesome" Revlon Colorburst Lipstick. (I just found out that Pharmplus is having a 50% off sale for all lip products...GRRRR. too late. I already used it and I've got to say, I'm impressed)
"How are you today?"
"I'm just peachy. thanks."
I thought it would be totally matte but obviously you can see some shimmers in it. (wellll at least you should. except my camera isn't all that great) This pretty lippie (hah. I rhymed) was originally $11.49CAD but it was on sale (which I wasn't aware of until I checked the receipt). Got it for $10.99CAD.

When I saw this, I knew I had to get it. LE. that obvi pulled me in ^.^ They had another palette too: Soar (pretty milky blue with a nice sheen to it), Whipped (iridescent white), Purple Reine (gorgeous royal purple), Smoked (slightly metallic gray). Both cost $15.99CAD which is a great buy because you get four eyeshadows and the palette (it's magnetic btw). They usually cost $5.99CAD regular but they often go on sell for $3.99CAD.
The one that I got is great for those people that love bright colours. Especially greens and blues =D Clockwise from left: Martian (grass-like green with iridescentish flecks), Misted Up (silver with shimmer), Funburst (olive gold with slight shimmer), Laguna Surf (bright aqua blue with shimmer). I really don't know why I got this because I have really similar colours such as Nymphet and Gold Digger...don't get me started on greens :P maybe I just have a fetish with it or something..

Hope all of you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Friday, June 4, 2010

In the Mail: Blue

This is what I recently received in the mail =] They're my giveaway and contest winnings weee! The first one is from Alana (iheartmakeup85) and her 100 sub contest. I did a video tutorial and she was so nice that she gave all the participants some goodies!
She gave me not only one but two cute makeup products! The first one is a Pigment Powder Dust from Annabelle in Chiffon. Now if I'm not mistaken, this is the old version of the loose eyeshadow (check out the new one here) and this colour is discontinued unfortunately. It's a beautiful beige gold. Perfect for highlighting!
This is Lancome's Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush in Cedar Rose (top) and Aplum (bottom). Can't wait to use this! It's so natural looking and the colours seem like they would work for my medium skintone ^.^
Blue from Watercoloursky held a 500+ followers giveaway and I was lucky enough to be the bonus winner ^^ She had questions asking for suggestions and I guess my blabbing helped her a lot :D Believe it or not, her blog was the actually the first one I've ever read. Pretty much the first time I read her blog, I instantly knew I was in love with this hobby. So here I am! Thanks for being the inspiration, Blue (L)
Haha this is what she said, "however, the most helpful/insightful comments or suggestions may receive a bonus prize ;)" I had to bold the "a" part because this package is sooo generous and sweet of her. She showered me with so many things! Ahh thank you so much Blue! And she wrapped it with bubble wrap. Did i mention how fun bubble wrap is? It's rather addictive too... The first thing that caught my eye was the Sally Girl nail polish in Mango Tango. It's so tres cute and the colour looks yummy. The bottle is super teeny too which contributes to the cute factor. aha I'm really excited to try out all these goodies!
A Covergirl lipstick in 550 Powerpink. It is a nice vibrant pink with beautiful blue/aqua flecks.
ooooh so pretty!
Once again, thank you so much! ^^
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