Friday, June 4, 2010

In the Mail: Blue

This is what I recently received in the mail =] They're my giveaway and contest winnings weee! The first one is from Alana (iheartmakeup85) and her 100 sub contest. I did a video tutorial and she was so nice that she gave all the participants some goodies!
She gave me not only one but two cute makeup products! The first one is a Pigment Powder Dust from Annabelle in Chiffon. Now if I'm not mistaken, this is the old version of the loose eyeshadow (check out the new one here) and this colour is discontinued unfortunately. It's a beautiful beige gold. Perfect for highlighting!
This is Lancome's Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush in Cedar Rose (top) and Aplum (bottom). Can't wait to use this! It's so natural looking and the colours seem like they would work for my medium skintone ^.^
Blue from Watercoloursky held a 500+ followers giveaway and I was lucky enough to be the bonus winner ^^ She had questions asking for suggestions and I guess my blabbing helped her a lot :D Believe it or not, her blog was the actually the first one I've ever read. Pretty much the first time I read her blog, I instantly knew I was in love with this hobby. So here I am! Thanks for being the inspiration, Blue (L)
Haha this is what she said, "however, the most helpful/insightful comments or suggestions may receive a bonus prize ;)" I had to bold the "a" part because this package is sooo generous and sweet of her. She showered me with so many things! Ahh thank you so much Blue! And she wrapped it with bubble wrap. Did i mention how fun bubble wrap is? It's rather addictive too... The first thing that caught my eye was the Sally Girl nail polish in Mango Tango. It's so tres cute and the colour looks yummy. The bottle is super teeny too which contributes to the cute factor. aha I'm really excited to try out all these goodies!
A Covergirl lipstick in 550 Powerpink. It is a nice vibrant pink with beautiful blue/aqua flecks.
ooooh so pretty!
Once again, thank you so much! ^^

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