Monday, June 28, 2010

Trendyland: Lip stains

Is it just me or is the idea of lip stains hitting every drugstore brand?

For me, I'm a fan of lip stains because I tend to drink a lot of water especially in the morning so lip gloss or lipstick is out of the equation. Lip stains provide a nice wash of colour and it is generally long lasting. I just hate getting sticky lip gloss and clingy lipstick on my water bottle =P (i'm not really the cleaning type. haha) Lip stains are easy to use and portable. It's kinda like a sharpie but for your lips. They provide a nice base for lip gloss and lipsticks and when it's layered under another lip product, it can really enhance the hue! Perfect for summer months. ya know, with all those intense workouts and vacations ;D If you've never used one before, try imagining eating a cherry (i prefer strawberry) popsicle and having that juicy pop of colour transfer onto your lips ^.^ gotta love those popsicles....

I tried my best to organize these by its release date =]

So adorable!

Joe Fresh Lip Stain (Loblaws & Superstore)
I own 2 of these and I love them! Check out my detailed review here =]

I was never really interested in these. The colour selection isn't that great and I heard they dry out in no time.

I saw them today at Walmart so I picked one up. I really like the idea of the balm since the nature of lip stains is that they're drying. Check out my thoughts on this here :)

Cute packaging! I can't wait until they come to Canada!


So what do you think?
Love 'em?
Hate 'em?
Lemme know ;D


  1. How did you get the "Pixie" Lip Brushes from??? Did you travel to the US to get it because I believe that "Target" doesn't ship to Canada??? I'm confused as a lost, innocent girl!!! Haha!!! ;P

  2. Oh no. I don't own any from them :P But if i get to go to the states, I will definitely pick some up ^^


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