Friday, September 3, 2010

Bunnie Likes: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain & Balm

throughout the year, many cosmetic companies have jumped on to the lip stain bandwagon. so what makes the revlon just bitten lipstain & balm stick out from the crowd? besides that the names of the shades mildly relates to twilight *shivers*, a moisturizing balm is incorporated since stains tend to be drying.

wanna hear my thoughts?

"Lipstain + Balm for a beautiful wash of kiss-proof color and soft shine"
i bought mine from walmart for about $8.00CAD. you get 0.09oz/2.5g of stain and 0.05oz/1.4g of balm.

the scentless stain does a decent job: lasts for 5-6 hours with minimal fading. Using the balm may alter the amount of fading. i have the shade in passion which is a bright pink that can provide a natural flush or a vibrant hue with several applications.

the specially designed cap creates an airtight seal around the marker tip to prevent it from drying.

the balm gives somewhat of a shine and i don't mind the waxy feeling. i'd like the balm a whole lot more if it is retractable so i don't nick it every time i use it >.< i've also noticed that the balm makes the stain fade but it leaves a hideous (and talk about obvious) lip line...

just like any lip stain, you need to prep your lips by exfoliating prior to application. DON'T! and i mean do not ever! (seriously) put lip balm on before the stain. it might seem beneficial at first but you're really only building a barrier between your lips and the stain, causing it not to cling on, thus, fading occurs.

swatched once/ swatched multiple of times
overall, the revlon just bitten lip stain & balm gets an 8 outta 10. i don't love it but it works and the idea of the balm makes it convenient. it's portable and the amount of colour deposit is easily controlled on your liking. i do, however, prefer the joe fresh ones over these.


  1. OMG YES! I've been wanting this so bad but i've been trying not to buy anymore makeup hehe

  2. well, its not too pricey ;) 8 bucks at walmart. haha i would have such a hard time with that

  3. completely agree with your review!


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