Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bunnie Likes: Joe Fresh Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner

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eyeliner is essential and i think that every girl that wears make up should have one. of course, everyone is different so we all have to go through the trouble of finding the right one. i bought the joe fresh fine tip liquid liner a few months ago and i actually really like it, even though it isn't really that great =P i heard from several people that this eyeliner is the exact dupe for mac's pen ultimate eyeliner! here's the youtube video. the joe fresh eyeliner retails for $6.00CAD while the mac one is $16.50USD. 

the ingredients...hmm..i wonder if it matches the mac one exactly.... ^^

its claim: "shape and define your eyes with easy to handle liquid liner. dries fast for rich, deep, long lasting colour."

the packaging is quite bland and generic which i don't mind. it has a cap that provides a good grip on the pen so i don't have to worry about it drying out fast. it even says to store horizontally otherwise the eyeliner might not last.

the joe fresh collection is only available in loblaw and superstore chains across Canada.

i like the the flexible fine tip that makes application easy. from thin to thick lines, you can control this eyeliner without a problem. i like to apply it using small strokes and building up the colour, then winging it out. sometimes, the ink doesn't reach the tip so you might have to give it a good shake. i find that the tip may become worn out or frayed with time :/ but it's still in fairly good shape right now. 

as for colour, i have it in black which is part of the classic collection (permanent) along with brown. i've also seen them in teal/turquoise and olive. when i say that this eyeliner doesn't deserve my love, it's because it isn't very long lasting and it smudges throughout the day. it goes on pigmented. but after a few blinks, the liner fades (maybe due to smudging) which doesn't bug me that much since it looks natural :) 

overall, a 7.5/10 but i like this joe fresh eyeliner! it definitely defines the eyes and is easy to control. i prefer liquid over pencil eyeliner because of the finish. however, this liner doesn't really last and smudges easily. but for 6 bucks, you really can't complain! if i somehow get my hands on a dolly wink liquid eyeliner, i'll probably ditch this one >.< 

so would you give this a try?


  1. wow the tip is really fine! and you have beautiful eyes by the way <3

  2. i love the precision you get from this! aww, thanks amanda :)

  3. {*OoOooo...} The felt tip looks so thin compared to my Loreal one. I'd love to try this product out. Too bad I doubt they have it in the states. I've never seen this brand before.
    Sucks that the liner smudges and doesn't last.

    <3s Serena.

  4. wow 6 bucks not bad but i really cant stand one that doesnt last long or smudges easily. i still am deeply inlove with the shiseido liquid liners or cheap ones from japan that are prob same quality as the shiseidos! thanks for sharing tho! x

  5. serena~ its unfortunate that joe fresh is only available in Canada >< if only it'd last and not smudge, it would be AWESOME since its only 6 bucks!

    heartofpearl~ mmhm. i quite like it though, even if it smudges lol japanese brands always have great products! i need to get my hands on those!

  6. I love my Kate Super Sharp Liner! It is a felt tipped liner just like Joe Fresh's.

    It is affordable, VERY long lasting and once it goes on your lash line, it stays put.

  7. that sounds awesome! heard great things about kate, i've just never tried products from them before ><


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