Saturday, September 11, 2010

Swatched Up a Storm: Nail Polish 1

i've finally acquired enough nail polish swatches to show you guys! except, the idea of writing down the names did not occur to me...

left to right: joe fresh nail polish in espresso, milani nail lacquer in key lime shine, jf n/p in grape and ink. all is one coat.

sally hansen HD nail polish. i can't recall the exact shade but it is purple and has glitter flecks in it. it isn't part of the usual line.

nicole by OPI gossip girl collection

bottom clockwise: nicole...spotted!, scandals, secrets and sparkle, too rich for youparty in the penthouse
all is 2-3 coats.

direct sunlight

sally hansen complete salon manicure summer 2010 collection i think ^_~
top to bottom: hidden treasure, silver lining, ...
all one coat! that's why the colour isn't really showing..

silver lining, (some pink version of dive deeper whose name does not occur to me)

dive deeper

dive deeper 


  1. Lovely polish swatches! I've been hearing about nicole by OPI gossip girl collection. I actually haven't gotten the chance to see them in stores yet. Thanks for these swatches though. I'm guessing blue is the color for this season. =P

    <3s Serena.

  2. thanks serena! I'm happy that the swatches bring interest to you and helps you have a better idea of what they look like in real life ^^

  3. I awarded you the sunshine award! :)

  4. hi sweetie! thank you for the compliment :)

    and thank you for the swatches! aww i hope i can find those GG nail polish! :) they look nice!

  5. they are incredibly pigmented for a single coat!!

    scandals is gorgeous, i adore glittery polishes!!

    you should get some falsies, we can experiment together haha xD

  6. Wooo!!! milani nail lacquer in key lime shine is so attractive!!! *grabs*

  7. hi dear! re: the hair dye, i think you'll ned two beautylabo hair dye's if you have long hair. :)

  8. Thanks for the swatches, they all look very nice.
    How long did the Sally Hansen one last? I am a big fan of OPI and just unsure of which other good brands out there to go for :)

  9. elizabeth~ thanks hun!
    Aubrey~ thats so sweet of you! thank you so much :) this is gonna be my first blog award evaaar!
    coffret gorge~ i really like your new hair colour! i dont think you should doubt yourself because it really looks nice and flattering! ^^ hope you can find those nail polishes! hmm...two boxes of hair dye...
    Blair~ yeah! thats why i love joe fresh nail polishes! i own three and i will be reviewing them hopefully soon. experimenting with falsies! sounds good =D
    dblchin~ agreed. it's a very unique colour although i think it's a little frosty for me
    Kayii~ thank you! the complete salon ones lasted i believe 8-10 days without chipping for me! it may vary from person to person but you should definitely check it out!


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