Monday, September 6, 2010

DIY: Facial Net for Foamy Lather

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nah. it's not a net you put over your face or anything. it is actually supposed to foam up your cleanser into a rich frothy lather so that you can gently wash your face. i got my inspiration from K and for more info on facial nets, click here.

i'm sure a lot of you will have trouble finding these (like me) so i made this tutorial where you can make your own! it's rather simple ^^

what you'll need:
-a shower pouf (preferably new)
-plastic ring (optional)

1. take your pouf and rip apart so that it's not a bundle anymore but a long scarf. the pouf should be held together by string so you can just snip it.

2. cut the scarf into desired length. you will have multiple pieces.

3. take one and tie a knot on top and attach it to a ring if you wish.
voila~! you're finished! =) wasn't that easy or what?

this actually works like a charm! it foams up my cleanser so that i don't tug my skin when i wash. you actually save lots of product and time. just a little drop, rub it with the net, and comes rich frothy lather. after, just rinse it and leave it to air dry. if you want more detailed instructions on how to use one, definitely check out K's blog post.

say hello to clean and refreshed skin! 
(you can also splurge on expensive products (like cleansers) with your money saved using your face net)

hope you liked this simple and brief tutorial!


  1. You cleaver lady! This is the kind of resourcefulness that I like to see.

  2. awwe, thanks :) it just hit me one day and i wanted to share it with you girls! you should really try it. but i guess it would be pointless if you're still in japan :p

  3. I've never thought of this!!! I wanted to get myself one of these foaming nets for ages but now I can save myself the $$$ and use a shower pouf instead! *time to dig out my brand new poufs*

  4. :) have fun making it! of course, you can probably make it less shabby looking than mine. tell me how it goes!

  5. very clever! thanks for the tip! i will try to find a reasonably priced loofah and make this... because the body shop loofahs are quite expensive, i dont think i would have the heart to cut it into pieces LOL

    what cleanser do you use? :)

    happy labor day! enjoy! :)

    ps. thanks for helping me out distinguish the kitkats! :*

  6. What a clever idea! I saw something similar in a video before where it comes with a bar soap and you're supposed to wet the net and scrub it over the soap to make it lather. I think my loofa isn't soft enough to use directly on my face but I can use the bubbles though. :P

    ♥ Milk

  7. Great idea! May have to try it!

  8. coffretgorge~ just get one from the dollar store ^^ and i use sofina alblanc medicated washing foam. thanks! no problem girly
    MilknCookiie~ you should definitely try it out! the bubbles feels so fluffy against your skin :)
    3ate4~ thank you! make sure you do!

  9. Very clever! And YES it saves a lot of product = money. Now we can splurge on expensive cleansers!

  10. susie- thank you :)
    K- haha im just so glad you showed us that a facial net actually existed! i love the thick foam i get from it ^^


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