Saturday, October 30, 2010

New My Beauty Diary Masks: Platinum+Pearl and Gold+Marine Collagen

I was very excited when I recieved the MBD masks my aunt had bought for me in Hong Kong. I didn't expect these ones because I haven't heard about them at all! (I only requested for the Bird's Nest Mask because I've heard good reviews on it and I know that it'll take a million years until I can get it in Canada!) However, when I did some researching, I was able to track these down in the HK blogosphere. I guess the news haven't hit us yet >< These aren't like the regular and luxury lines from MBD. Instead, these are stretch lift masks which means that they have hooks for the ears and they cover your chin so it stays on your face. For reference, the design is just like the the notorious Sexy Look masks that Kathi from Lotus Palace raves about ^^ This is not a review but an informative post since I haven't gotten to use them yet. The lovely Blair requested me to share about the new masks!

Platinum+Pearl Lift Stretch Mask
For all skin types; particularly suitable for partially dry skin and skin that lacks luster.

Everything is written in Chinese so I did my best with translating...
This sheet mask is specially made with grain and exclusive components in order to transfer the essence to the skin membrane and restore its vitality. White pearl moistens while the platinum particles help the skin to retain the moisture. Formulated with lemon, orange, and kiwi extracts, together they help the skin's metabolic processes then allowing the platinum and pearl essence to work better. Is it just me or is the company totally overselling these sheet masks? They are describing it as a miracle in a sheet of cotton (or whatever it is)...This mask whitens leaving the skin bright and translucent looking. 

Gold+Marine Collagen Stretch Lift Mask
For all skin types; particularly suitable to skin with fine lines and skin that lacks elasticity.

Gold particles have a great physical property of conductivity. This activates the function of the marine collagen in slowly drying up fine lines yet firming the skin and keeping it hydrated. Makes the kin vibrant and smooth. With sugar maple and sugar cane extracts, it is good at softening the delicate facial skin. 

They based the formulation on DIXAS ComplexTM which has up to 10 amino acid molecules to make the skin soft and supple. The mask itself is woven in a diamond pattern for uniform distribution of the serum. Super soft cotton mask full of stretchy fibers, it can fit a variety of face shapes. With the ear hook design, it covers every inch of your skin. There is 28mL of serum per mask which is a very generous amount :)  And there were a lot more but none of it made much sense hah.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FOB: Fantasy Makers and NYC Blushable Creme Stick

Recently (hehe on Tuesday), I went over to Rexall Pharmaplus to pick up some NYC goodies since they were on sale for $2.99CAD! I decided to pick up the shade big apple blush since it's warmer but still pink enough for my liking ^^ I've also had my eyes on the new fantasy makers halloween makeup and fortunately, I found the glitter eyeliner and the glitter for $3.99 :) 

Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz
The glitter is so pretty! It's a silver that reflects multicolour..if that makes any sense. Is the correct term holo-glitter? 

Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliner in 11234 Mystical
A beautiful royal purple with fine flecks of multicoloured glitter~! Gorgeous! I was debating on whether I should get this or the blue one.

NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush

with flash

without flash

11236 Secrecy (jade), 11328 Magical (blue&green glitter)

11236 Secrecy (jade), 11328 Magical (blue&green glitter)
The pink swatch is Maybelline Color Sensational in Coral Gleam. Their newer shades 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

FOB: but not so fresh...

I almost forgot to post about my haulings during September...I just never have the time! I'm really behind on the stuff that I want to show you!

from lush:
  • dragon's egg bath ballistic (see review here)
  • twilight bath ballistic
  • cosmetic warrior mask

I'm a chocoholic X3 got these from a famous chocolate store in Stratford, Ontario 

finally! some MBD masks! I almost ran out of my beloved aloe one. 
  • bird's nest (they're really moisturizing! evens out your skin tone too!)
  • red wine
  • apparently they're really new. i've never seen these ones before but they fit your neck as well! they have these straps that hook onto your ears :) i will post more details on these later

Fall in Love with Autumn

While the sky was blue and sunny, I took a few pictures of the falling leaves and the beautiful array of colours. The funny thing is, I took it in my backyard~! Or close to it anyways... ^_~

The leaves change colours fast. A couple of days later...

Tell me what you think about this type of post :) Yay or nay?
(These pictures belong to me. So if you are planning to use them, please let me know)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bunnie Loves: LUSH Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic

So this is the very first bath ballistic that I've tried from lush ^^ and I've got to say I'm hooked!!! I can't believe I didn't discover the magic of lush earlier! I must have missed out...

be careful because this bath bomb crumbles easily
The dragon's egg bath ballistic is one of the new addition to their permanent line. It smells like sour lemon drops--energetic, tangy--just down right delicious. It's so refreshing that it'll definitely wake up a sleepy head. Aha. I find that the scent is almost identical to the one of lush each peach massage bar :) another yummy and wonderful product. The bath ballistic retails for $4.95CAD for 6.3oz.

"Magical firework extravaganza" -lush

This bath bomb has little coloured disks on it which really fits the 'fairytale' theme that it is supposed to give off. When the polkadots are left in the water, they expand into a jelly like material that I find rather amusing (to play with).

jelly disks
click to read more! lots of pictures too!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Look Pretty for Halloween with Fantasy Makers

Every year, wet N wild brings fabulous Halloween make up for less. The product line is called Fantasy Makers and it features everything from glow in the dark nail polishes to over the top false lashes. If you want to see more product photos and learn more about them, be sure to check out their website. They should be available in your local drugstores soon.

all pictures are courtesy of

Friday, October 8, 2010

LUSH goes Cute and Spooky with a New Twist

if you haven't heard, lush is coming out with a Day of the Dead Collection instead of their usual Halloween collection ^^ the festivity itself originated from Mexico, where families and friends come together to honour the deceased in the form of celebrations and parties (read more about it here).

here's the sneak peak :) i've got to say, they look very vibrant and colourful. they must be a heck lot of fun to use to! i can't wait to actually see them in person.

Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt

Lady Catrina Soap

Calavera Bath Bomb

Calacas Shower Jellies

Witches' Ball Bubble Bar

 all pictures are courtesy of

Friday, October 1, 2010

Swatched Up a Storm: Nail Polish 2

sorry about the recent absenses! it has been very difficult for me to find time to write a post...especially being a perfectionist -_-;; i like to provide my readers with high quality pictures and accurate information so research is sometimes necessary.

i had a lot of lovely comments on my first nail polish swatch post ^^ with fall coming in, new collections hit stores and you see this random girl walking around with a handful of nail polish testers and a skittles manicure. haha i do it for all you awesome people!

Quo is celebrating their 10th anniversary with an alluring limited edition! this is the very first time where they feature nail polishes as part of their line.

taken from 
you've probably already heard about the Nicole by OPI Matte Collection around the blogsphere. i was at shoppers the other day spotted the collection! i think the colours are really unique and are worth getting since they have fine shimmers in them, but dries to a matte finish. shimmers+matte= uber interesting ^_~ they dry fast too! almost like lightning haha

taken from 

i only tried on 2 colours: virtuous violet and positive energy. i used 2 coats [=

i went over to zellers since it was in the mall anyways. i saw this interesting wetnwild color icon insomnia collection and i was spooked by its dark theme. i swatched 33484 blue jitters and 33486 (one coat). apparently they have great formula and a few coats provide a rich opacity with nice glitter. some of them lack shine so they appear dull (just use a top coat to solve this problem).

taken from

lastly, i visited my nearest loblaw, and they had almost all the 
joe fresh fall colours in stock! i went there twice. the first time, they had all of them but when i took the picture, they only had these.

from left: matte top coat, storm, fog, brick, caramel, khaki, persian blue, jade, orchid

here are the swatches! i was only able to swatch a few from each collection. 

indirect sunlight

 from left: prowler, blue jitters, storm, orchid

 from left: prowler, blue jitters, storm, orchid

 joe fresh orchid

 wetnwild prowler, blue jitters

 thumb to pinky: QUO flirt, Nicole positive energy & virtuous purple, QUO bliss & sugarcoat 

direct sunlight

 thumb to pinky: QUO flirt, Nicole positive energy & virtuous purple, QUO bliss & sugarcoat 

from left: prowler, blue jitters, storm, orchid

hope you enjoyed another swatched up a storm post! ^^ enjoy the weekend~!
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