Saturday, October 30, 2010

New My Beauty Diary Masks: Platinum+Pearl and Gold+Marine Collagen

I was very excited when I recieved the MBD masks my aunt had bought for me in Hong Kong. I didn't expect these ones because I haven't heard about them at all! (I only requested for the Bird's Nest Mask because I've heard good reviews on it and I know that it'll take a million years until I can get it in Canada!) However, when I did some researching, I was able to track these down in the HK blogosphere. I guess the news haven't hit us yet >< These aren't like the regular and luxury lines from MBD. Instead, these are stretch lift masks which means that they have hooks for the ears and they cover your chin so it stays on your face. For reference, the design is just like the the notorious Sexy Look masks that Kathi from Lotus Palace raves about ^^ This is not a review but an informative post since I haven't gotten to use them yet. The lovely Blair requested me to share about the new masks!

Platinum+Pearl Lift Stretch Mask
For all skin types; particularly suitable for partially dry skin and skin that lacks luster.

Everything is written in Chinese so I did my best with translating...
This sheet mask is specially made with grain and exclusive components in order to transfer the essence to the skin membrane and restore its vitality. White pearl moistens while the platinum particles help the skin to retain the moisture. Formulated with lemon, orange, and kiwi extracts, together they help the skin's metabolic processes then allowing the platinum and pearl essence to work better. Is it just me or is the company totally overselling these sheet masks? They are describing it as a miracle in a sheet of cotton (or whatever it is)...This mask whitens leaving the skin bright and translucent looking. 

Gold+Marine Collagen Stretch Lift Mask
For all skin types; particularly suitable to skin with fine lines and skin that lacks elasticity.

Gold particles have a great physical property of conductivity. This activates the function of the marine collagen in slowly drying up fine lines yet firming the skin and keeping it hydrated. Makes the kin vibrant and smooth. With sugar maple and sugar cane extracts, it is good at softening the delicate facial skin. 

They based the formulation on DIXAS ComplexTM which has up to 10 amino acid molecules to make the skin soft and supple. The mask itself is woven in a diamond pattern for uniform distribution of the serum. Super soft cotton mask full of stretchy fibers, it can fit a variety of face shapes. With the ear hook design, it covers every inch of your skin. There is 28mL of serum per mask which is a very generous amount :)  And there were a lot more but none of it made much sense hah.


  1. eee so nice! i love my beauty diaries face masks. you're so lucky!

  2. i have yet to try them :) will let you know how it goes~! hopefully, it'll be available overseas soon!

  3. I absolutely agree with you, MBD is overselling them. I have no will power, definitely wanna try them NOW lol xD

    Do they have any other flavours besides Platinum+Pearl and Gold+Marine Collagen?

  4. haha. i just hope they're not an absolute disappointment... I don't think they have any other flavours. I'll let you know if i find out~!

  5. LOL i thought you had your own variant of MBD masks, the watermark fooled me! hahaha :P

    i have some MBD masks in my stash but havent gotten around to trying them out yet. Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble finding these in HK? I cant read chinese so i guess its just me. HAHAHA ;)

  6. ooops sorry :P they are lovely though ^^
    you should def start using them! just as a treat or for a time to relax. the masks are probably hiding. good luck though!

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