Monday, October 11, 2010

Bunnie Loves: LUSH Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic

So this is the very first bath ballistic that I've tried from lush ^^ and I've got to say I'm hooked!!! I can't believe I didn't discover the magic of lush earlier! I must have missed out...

be careful because this bath bomb crumbles easily
The dragon's egg bath ballistic is one of the new addition to their permanent line. It smells like sour lemon drops--energetic, tangy--just down right delicious. It's so refreshing that it'll definitely wake up a sleepy head. Aha. I find that the scent is almost identical to the one of lush each peach massage bar :) another yummy and wonderful product. The bath ballistic retails for $4.95CAD for 6.3oz.

"Magical firework extravaganza" -lush

This bath bomb has little coloured disks on it which really fits the 'fairytale' theme that it is supposed to give off. When the polkadots are left in the water, they expand into a jelly like material that I find rather amusing (to play with).

jelly disks
click to read more! lots of pictures too!

Here comes the moment you've all been waiting for. *drops bath bomb in tub*

it's going to be spectacular!
You are greeted with a creamy white froth. 

so pretty!
Then, in comes the orange where the momentum of the fizzing creates swirls just like an orange creamsicle. 

there is a glitter cube inside
I think the sales lady told me that the dragon's egg contain pop rocks but I forgot to pay attention to the sound (whoopsies). 

my favourite picture: it looks like a galaxy
When the bath bomb shrinks to a certain point, it leaves a trail gold glitter, which really accentuates the beauty of the moment...what I meant is that this delightful little ball is a WORK OF ART! It leaves the water orange too

such a cheerful colour
If you aren't a glitter fan, don't worry. Only a few flecks of glitter stick to your skin after the bath. You are left with lots of very fine gold shimmer that provides a soft focus glow to your skin! Trust me. You won't be a freak show. 

i swiped my fingers along the tub
The soak also leaves my skin soft and smooth and although it's a little drying, my skin doesn't feel tight. My skin is lightly scented with the citrusy aroma and it's really great for getting ready for a night out: parties, clubbing, dance, or a romantic dinner. Whenever you want to steal the spotlight by dazzling people ;)

One annoying thing is that it leaves a rim of glitter in the bath tub. I hate having to wash the tub after a relaxing bath. Other than that, I definitely recommend this bath ballistic! It's really something to see. The water is a enchanting and mesmerizing sight...

i love the patterns that it makes

you can actually use your fingers to draw with it!
Rating: 9/10

I'm thinking of trying Mrs. Whippy and Fizzbanger next. I still have the twilight one at home. That one smells delightful too!


  1. You actually sound like you LOVE your bathtime. You are a real cutie Cinnabunnie x

  2. i really do! i rarely get enough time to soak in the tub anymore XD thanks for stopping by~!^^

  3. you described them to sound so yummy that i want to eat them now :3

  4. oh no! i'm sorry amanda! but you should definitely check them out ^^

  5. My boyfriend just treated me to this!! Not used it yet but it looks gorgeous!! Love the magical jelly scales - so pretty!
    I'm now a follower of your cute blog!

    1. Hi Hannah! Thanks for reading :) I'm glad you enjoyed the bath bomb! It is so much fun to look at and a pleasure to bathe in ^^ Thank you so much for following!


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