Saturday, October 16, 2010

FOB: but not so fresh...

I almost forgot to post about my haulings during September...I just never have the time! I'm really behind on the stuff that I want to show you!

from lush:
  • dragon's egg bath ballistic (see review here)
  • twilight bath ballistic
  • cosmetic warrior mask

I'm a chocoholic X3 got these from a famous chocolate store in Stratford, Ontario 

finally! some MBD masks! I almost ran out of my beloved aloe one. 
  • bird's nest (they're really moisturizing! evens out your skin tone too!)
  • red wine
  • apparently they're really new. i've never seen these ones before but they fit your neck as well! they have these straps that hook onto your ears :) i will post more details on these later


  1. CinnaBunnie, please do review the new MBD masks!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on them =D

  2. Nice haul :D I really want to get myself a box of MBDM birds nest now.. i got my mum a box of them last time XD

  3. Blair- i will soon! i have the info post half done ^^ hopefully it'll be up for the weekend
    Nic Nic- you should! they really fit my face well with the new cloth material :) love the hydration it gives.


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