Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dupe Alert: Sinful Colors' Nail Junkie for Nicole by OPI's Nicole...Spotted!

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie/Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted!
Sinful Colors' Nail Junkie was found in the H2O collecion and the Nicole by OPI's Nicole...Spotted! was part of the Gossip Girl collection released in 2010.
They are exact copies of each other, both in the bottle and on the nails.

Pinkie finger: Nicole...Spotted! Fourth finger: Nail Junkie
Due to my crappy impromptu nail painting skills, the side of my fourth finger has a lot of the big flecks of iridescent glitter. In the photo, it looks as if there are no big flecks but the truth is, they are really hiding on the side of the nail (near the cuticle). I am 99.9% sure that they are dupes of each other! Yay! The Sinful Color Nail Junkie is still the cheaper alternative ($3.99CAD). 

Here ya go! Both NOX Twilight and Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl nail polishes are on sale for $4.98CAD! They are both a steal and considering that NOX Twilight polishes are typically available online for $6.99USD, get it while you can! You might have to look high and low because I found these neatly tucked under the PUPA and the Balm displays (large stationary ones).

Swatched Up a Storm: Joe Fresh Spring 2011 Nail Polish in Oyster, Wave & Cloud

Exciting new for all you Joe Fresh nail polish lovers out there (including me)! If you haven't seen their website recently, I can tell you that their spring collections have hit stores. This season, for nail polishes, they have 3 different displays and I have successfully spotted 2. Mind you that the Spring 3 display that I saw at Loblaw was terribly eaten...

Spring 3 display

Joe Fresh nail polish in Wave/Oyster

Joe Fresh nail polish in Oyster
 Oyster really stood out to me because it's formula really remind me of Peacock. It has a duochrome effect because in certain lighting, it appears silver. But in different angles, I can see purple and sometimes green. I can already imagine it on my toes, twinkling. The effect much like the inner shell of an oyster.

Joe Fresh nail polish in Cloud/Wave
 I don't know why I decided to try on Cloud. It's a basic gray with very fine pearl shimmer in it that is very unnoticeable on the nails. Then again, I don't have neutral colours...I prefer loud and bright ones :) Did I ever mention that I absolutely LOVE pastels? I love Wave. Wave might remind you of Powder Blue. Wave is a lot lighter in terms of colour, a light almost "fluffy" baby blue, and it gives off an aura of calmness. Both Wave and Cloud is a cream finish so I'm guessing that the formula is similar to Mint and Faded Violet (review here).

In all the swatches, 3 coats were needed to achieve opacity.

Mint vs. Wave
In the photos with poor lighting, it might remind you of Mint. But I assure you that they are drastically different.

I will hunt the last display down. It looks like the package designers (perhaps graphic designers) switched up the bottle. The ones from the Spring 2 display looks squared...but strangely, I like it.

On a side note, I think I found a suitable dupe for Nicole by OPI's Nicole...Spotted! (Gossip Girl Collection 2010). It is Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself. Behold:

Pinkie finger: Nicole...Spotted! Fourth finger: Nail Junkie

Sorry about the black and pink rims. It was my attempt of quick removal. I only had on one coat of each.

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie/Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted!
I saw the Nicole nail polishes on sale for $4.98CAD at Pharmaplus. Want more info and pictures? Click here!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unspoken Gluttony: Smoke's Poutinerie

This stuff is good! The price is reasonable because of the amount that you get. I have two larges here. Obviously, I shared these among friends. =P They're quite filling. The thing that I really like about Smoke's Poutinerie is that you can get really interesting flavours. They really know how to dress up a normal bowl of fries ^^ How about the Italian Deluxe Poutine (homemade meat sauce, Italian sausage, sauteed mushrooms & caramalized onions)? GAH.
The cheese are actually curds and stringy~

Traditional Veggie Poutine
 I definitely reccomend the veggie one. The gravy is much tastier: sweet and comforting.

Traditional Poutine
This one has more of a pepper-like side to it and the flavour is more "sharp" (I'm not sure how to describe it xD).

I think poutine is more of a Canadian thing =P So whenever you drop by, give it a try!
Look at the glorious cheese curds!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the Mail: Now or Never

So I realized that although I edited the pictures of the goods I got in the mail, I totally forgot to make a post about them xD I think I have had some of the stuff either from 2010 or the very beginning of 2011...Yes, I have a great memory (to a certain extent).

A great site for Canadians samples is available. The author of this blog is none other than Justine from Productrater. Please check out her beauty blog or sample site! She updates daily and I find that she is speedier than any other site ;) Above: free Hello Kitty nail stamping plate (BornPretty, if it becomes available again, I'll be sure to update), Clairol Nice 'n Easy Foam hair dye, Chunks Ahoy! Thinsations, P&G Brand sampler (Canada & U.S.), Maybelline Fit Me foundation, Acts of Kindness (free chocolate bar), and another nail plate. The reason is because I didn't receive my first plate after 2 months. Thinking that it got lost in the mail, I contacted the person in charge (which is Jessica btw) and she was super nice and helpful and they mailed me another one. I believe their company is situated in Singapore. Their website is easy to navigate through and they have a variety of items for sale. The prices are reasonable too! I was really impressed with their kindness because I didn't expect them to mail me another one ^^

Closer look of the Fit Me sample
The idea of this sample is great! They have all the shades so anyone can find their perfect match (hopefully). They also instructions/info about the line and provided coupons.

Look at the shipping fee O_o
 I won a giveaway from the wonderful Suzie! I was really interested in trying the MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. She was super sweet and generous!

I love the cute letter and stickers! I can always put post-it notes to good use. Thank you so much, hunny!

Crystal Light samples. Yum! Except I really despise the aftertaste of aspartame. This is a nice way to try new flavours.

I have one more package to post about but I have to relocate my pictures...If anyone is situated in Canada and is interested in these types of samples, be sure to follow Justine's site!
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