Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swatched Up a Storm: Joe Fresh Spring 2011 Nail Polish in Oyster, Wave & Cloud

Exciting new for all you Joe Fresh nail polish lovers out there (including me)! If you haven't seen their website recently, I can tell you that their spring collections have hit stores. This season, for nail polishes, they have 3 different displays and I have successfully spotted 2. Mind you that the Spring 3 display that I saw at Loblaw was terribly eaten...

Spring 3 display

Joe Fresh nail polish in Wave/Oyster

Joe Fresh nail polish in Oyster
 Oyster really stood out to me because it's formula really remind me of Peacock. It has a duochrome effect because in certain lighting, it appears silver. But in different angles, I can see purple and sometimes green. I can already imagine it on my toes, twinkling. The effect much like the inner shell of an oyster.

Joe Fresh nail polish in Cloud/Wave
 I don't know why I decided to try on Cloud. It's a basic gray with very fine pearl shimmer in it that is very unnoticeable on the nails. Then again, I don't have neutral colours...I prefer loud and bright ones :) Did I ever mention that I absolutely LOVE pastels? I love Wave. Wave might remind you of Powder Blue. Wave is a lot lighter in terms of colour, a light almost "fluffy" baby blue, and it gives off an aura of calmness. Both Wave and Cloud is a cream finish so I'm guessing that the formula is similar to Mint and Faded Violet (review here).

In all the swatches, 3 coats were needed to achieve opacity.

Mint vs. Wave
In the photos with poor lighting, it might remind you of Mint. But I assure you that they are drastically different.

I will hunt the last display down. It looks like the package designers (perhaps graphic designers) switched up the bottle. The ones from the Spring 2 display looks squared...but strangely, I like it.

On a side note, I think I found a suitable dupe for Nicole by OPI's Nicole...Spotted! (Gossip Girl Collection 2010). It is Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself. Behold:

Pinkie finger: Nicole...Spotted! Fourth finger: Nail Junkie

Sorry about the black and pink rims. It was my attempt of quick removal. I only had on one coat of each.

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie/Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted!
I saw the Nicole nail polishes on sale for $4.98CAD at Pharmaplus. Want more info and pictures? Click here!


  1. Joe Fresh polishes are definitely a hunt! I know I checked a couple of locations for those pastely summer colours and could never find them.

  2. Oyster is my fave I think. Its wonderful ♥

  3. I had a feeling you would like it~ When I saw this colour, I automatically thought of a non-creepy way ;D


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