Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bunnie Loves: Joe Fresh Nailpolish in Mint, Faded Violet, & Peacock

All pictures are *click worthy* ;)

You have no idea how lazy I am. This post was supposed to be up during the summer. YES. 4 months. See how  backlogged I am? It's funny too because Mint and Faded Violet were thought to be limited edition spring/summer 2010 colours. Now I believe they're permanent :) I've blabbed a lot about the Joe Fresh line so if you haven't heard about it yet, they're only available at Loblaws and Superstore supermarket chains across Canada.

TO THE REVIEW! *pic heavy*
I will separate this into 3 different sections so I can focus on the individual colours because their finish and formula varies. 

Ahh. It reminds me of mint ice cream with chocolate chips mixed in. YUM! It was so difficult to find this one shade. I had to go to 3 different Loblaws to find it! Perhaps the soft pastel green was a must have during that season. I don't personally own Essie's Candy Apple but I'm sure it's similar to this one. Perhaps Mint would make a good dupe? 

  • lasted 4 days without chipping
  • good coverage: 2 coats is sufficient
  • applies really nicely with minimal streaking for 1st coat

damage after a week
The formula leans toward the thicker side so it takes a while for it to dry. I wouldn't suggest painting a 3rd or you'll have to wait for a long time which increases the chance of nicking it.

Faded Violet
This was another hard-to-find shade. The finish and formula is exactly like Mint (although the whole nail polish line has the same label for ingredients.) Faded Violet is a beautiful pastel lilac that leans more towards pink than blue. This colour screams spring!

  • lasted 4 days without chipping
  • good coverage (thick): 2 coats is sufficient
damage after a week


The reason that I bought this seemingly ordinary colour is because under different angles and lighting, you can see the rich and sultry metallic purple, teal, and blue of his nail polish. Peacock is a dark sea blue with green shimmer that looks teal from far. Jewel tones of this mature colour compliment the transition from fall to winter (great for the holidays too!)

  • lasted 2 days without chipping
  • applies sheer: you need 3 coats (like I have in the pictures)
  • streaking decreases as you put on more coats

damage after a week
The formula is definitely thinner. It's totally worth it because you get gorgeous jewel tones using only one shade of nail polish!

  •  the bottle is the exactly like wetNwild's Colour Craze Polish
  • brush is short and the handle is bulky, making application a bit more challenging
  • made out of glass, pretty sturdy (I dropped one on the bathroom floor and it didn't break or crack.)


These retail for $4CAD or $10CAD for 3. Joe Fresh brings in new shades as the season changes. If you want to see fall/winter 2010 colour, click here. There are an array of colours to choose from but I do wish that the formula will be improved. The lasting power isn't great especially with Peacock (chips after 2 days.) Overall, the good outweighs the bad, so 9/10 from me ^^

Thanks for reading ^^ I hope you find this review helpful.


  1. love Joe Fresh polishes, they are so cute and nice colours too. I have the two except Peacock.

  2. i totally agree with you! You should really try Peacock :) hopefully those pictures persuaded you haha

  3. oh man those colors look so good on you! You have such a nice skin tone, im jealous! D:

  4. thanks Aubrey, you are such a sweetie~!

  5. Joe polish?? Love these colors! Will have to check 'em out!

  6. mhmm~! I don't want to sound like I'm trying to sell them but the quality and colour choices are pretty good for the price :)

  7. omg the joe fresh facebook page just featured you on their status!!!! :D

  8. oh wow! thanks for the heads up Aubrey :) always looking out for people <3

  9. Peacock is gorgeous!! I might have a similar colour in my stash, gotta dig it out hahaha xD

    Have a wonderful Christmas my dear!!

  10. i quite fancy the lilac one!! happy holidays!!

  11. Blair~ yes it is! I cannot exaggerate how lovely it looks in reality ^^ thank you! I hope you enjoyed your holiday too

    Nic Nic~ I had a feeling you would like that one ;) thanks! you too!

    The Little Dust Princess~ I love mints!

  12. holllyyy! those colours are AWESOME!!

    PS: Enter my giveaway for a feather mono-earring!!


  13. great swatches!! i think mint wud b a great dupe for essie candy mint apple to (which i have)
    i wana try these joe fresh no now!

  14. Thanks, hun! That was my initial thought when Mint was released. They aren't exact dupes of each other as Essie's Mint Apple is lighter and more green where as Joe Fresh's version has more of a teal/blue undertone. I really love it~ One of my go to shades, no matter the season ^^


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