Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FOB: LUSH Boxing Day Sale 2010

 This year I was prepared to face the crowds and the occasional elbow to the gut...but what I wasn't expecting was a claustrophobic LUSH store! It was jam packed with people when I arrived at 10am >< The haul wasn't as big as it was suppose to be because this year, instead of buy 1 get 2 free, it was only BOGO :/ My friend and I worked out the list of things that we wanted to get but some of the stuff like the Candy Cane Bubble Bar was already sold out (I have a little story for you later.) Also, since she wasn't with me (she was at a different mall, scouting the good steals and deals) and the "game plan" changed, I had to work my way around it. Literally. The store was tiny!

 Everything that was BOGO was marked (hah! no pun intended!) with a Mark sticker. Maybe to make up for the disappointing deal this year, LUSH had not only put Christmas products as part of the BOGO, certain items from their permanent line was also BOGO (Honey I washed the Kids, gifts made before November 1st, Rockstar etc.) So my supposedly funny story isn't really much in the impressive department =P But here it goes. When I arrived, I was trying to get everything that was on the list. I was supposed to get at least 2 Candy Cane Bubble Bars but to my disappointment, they were all gone! So I looked desperately around those wooden stands that they put stuff on and luckily, I grabbed the price/info stand and BAM! I see one tucked between two stands ^^ (There you have it, your lesson of the day: never give up. Seriously.)

  • 2 Christmas Eve Bubble Bars
  • 1 Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
  • 2 Gingerbread House Bubble Bars
  • 1 Candy Cane Bubble Bar
  • 2 Winter Bath Bath Bombs
  • 2 Matryoshka(s)* **

*not sure if they use "S"s to indicate if a noun is plural in the Russian language
**my friend got them for me because she said she was horrible when it comes to buying presents, and of course, I didn't want her to buy me something when you can wait and get it for a cheaper price, thanks love! <3

Next year, depending on the amount of LUSH goodies that I'm after, I will wake up earlier, and sprint to that store and elbow anyone that's in my way..erh...kidding about the last part. Want to share about your funny boxing day experiences? You know what to do~! 

I hope everyone enjoyed this seemingly brief holiday break!


  1. great haul! im headed to my LUSH tomorrow because we had a blizzard and i wasnt able to get there sooner. i'm now a follower =]

  2. good luck! hope you get everything on your wishlist ^^ thank you hun

  3. Hey! I live in Ontario as well! Haha! =P Argh! How could I miss this?! I didn't see any signs or anything that Lush was having a "Boxing Sale"! Are the bath bombs still on sale? Does it include "Think Pink" as well? I was busy at Sephora checking things out...but at least I got 2 "Cake" lip glosses that were on sale for $3 each during the "Boxing Sale"! =D Lush is really expensive as well, as in, I'm talking about especially how the bath bombs are only for 1 use (or 2 uses when cut in 1/2 or so I've heard how people were able to "chop" them in 1/2! HAHA! =P) so I also don't really go browsing around there often as well...since I hardly ever see Lush having any sales throughout the year whatsoever...=( I hope that Lush will come out with minis for 1/2 the price of 1! Only then will I go REALLY crazy for their bath bombs, meaning, even when they're NOT having a sale! HAHA! ;P

  4. Lush is sneaky when it comes to sales. You have to go in before you se the sign and the sign wasn;t even very big/noticeable. I went there because I knew that from last year that they had a great sale! I'm disappointed that it was only BOGO this year. They are definetly on the pricier side especially when you can only get one use. You should really suggest the idea to LUSH~! ^^ It's not like everyone cansplurge on their products all the time. Cake lipglosses for $3? :O I went to Sephoratoo but they didn't really have anything good except for these holiday lip/eye palettes by Sephora for 8 bucks.I hope you find good deals at LUSH! I will notify you if i find any ;) thanks for dropping by!

  5. What in the world is a BOGO please?

    1. Hi there! It means buy one get one. In this case, it was buy one get one for free at LUSH~


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