Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spotted! Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow, Liner & Mascara & Covergirl NatureLuxe

Just a quick post of the stuff I saw at Loblaw the other day. I hope you're not tired of these posts yet but it seems as though Canada is being hit with a lot of new makeup collections! 

Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner
I was surprised at the speed of receiving new makeup displays. Usually when our buddies in the States get a fresh collection, we don't get it until 3 months later ><

I also saw the Custom Eyes Mascara with the adjustable bristles on the brush.

Covergirl NatureLuxe Collection

 My friend decided to get two of these so she was kind enough to let me swatch them :)

Marble & Tulip

Bottom: Marble Top: Tulip
 They aren't exactly pigmented but I think it will be good for those with dry lips that want extra shine. It also smells like vanilla~

Bottom: Marble Top: Tulip
 Tulip has a hint of berry while Marble shows up as clear.

Almay intense i-color smoky-i kit
so many "i"s


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