Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spotted! Covergirl Lip Perfection & Nature Luxe, Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Glam Collection, Almay Wake Up

CAUTION: this post is highly pic heavy! 

I really hated my last Spotted! post where I had no actual live-in-action pictures to show you guys. So I went around the mall trying to be ninja and sneak some pictures onto my camera! ^^ I felt so nervous and out of place when I was snooping around at Shoppers(Drug Mart). The sales ladies were everywhere! And I believe that they have eyes of an eagle >< To my surprise, I actually found more new goodies to show you~!

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipcolour 
They were so brand spanking new that some of them weren't even swatched yet! The colours didn't appeal to me though: they were pretty shades, but a lot of them had frosty finishes...

Covergirl Nature Luxe Line
So I wasn't seeing things! The lipcolours are itty bitty but I really like the array of colours to choose from! The foundation reminds me of tinted moisturizers. Perhaps they'll work like one?

I'm not sure but I heard that this collection should be released in the Spring of 2011 but it seems as though Canadian drugstores already have them out? Maybe it's just this store in particular...if you see this in any other store, lemme know! 

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Glam Collection
Beautiful shades of gold, silvers, and other metallics! This collection feature their gel cream-eyeliners as well as the duo mascaras.

Annabelle Winter Collection: etheReal
It's been out for a while but I didn't really find this outstanding or anything. Here's a photo that I took anyways.

wetNwild Pixie Holiday Collection
Some eye candy for ya!

Almay Wake Up Hydrating Mineral Makeup 
You will understand why I thought of the Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup when I saw this.

The claims are the same, the brush, heck, the whole PACKAGING is the same! The only difference is, maybe the formula and definitely the price. The Almay version is more affordable. I'm actually interested in trying one now...but I will see if it's worthy viz makeupalley and other sources ;) That's it for now! Hope everyone is well. It's snowing a lot outside. I hope Mother Nature keeps it coming!


  1. Hi! Great post. I really reallyy want to try that new CoverGirl foundation. I didn't see it at Walmart or at the smallish Shoppers I went to the other day. I live in Ontario as well. Could you tell me what Shoppers this was, like where it is? I know this is a weird question but I really don't want to wait until January or February!

  2. Could you email the location to TIA

  3. Umm I meant, without the Z, sorry it's been awhile :P

    Are you planning to try any of these new products? There are some new Revlon lip glosses coming out that look cool..

  4. Ahh, Shoppers Drug Mart.
    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? On other blogs I've seen people say they got that CoverGirl foundation for $9 (in the US, presumably). But $17.49? Come on, Shoppers. All the makeup there is so overpriced unless it's at least 30% off (which is the Shoppers employee discount, actually).

  5. I understand what you mean. The prices in Canada are always pricier. It's ridiculous! Just because we're Canadians doesn't mean you can just rip us off. And the CAD is higher than the USD right now...Shoppers always have he newest collections first but the price is just...jaw dropping (in the bad way). 30% off? wow that's actually decent. Yet, it's unfair to customers like us.


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