Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spotted! WetNWild Holiday Palettes, Revlon & Almay(dupe) Aqua Mineral Makeup, Covergirl Nature Luxe

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Yeup. I'm sure you've all heard the rave about the wetNwild holiday palettes ^^ GOOD NEWS! I went to Zellers today (to buy a combo lock that I cam use at the gym, but sadly, no luck) and I accidently stumbled upon these babies! They were fairly new on display so there was no price tag...sorry!

I also saw the Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup ($16.99CAD)...however, as I bent down, behold, I saw Almay's EXACT dupe of it! Same packaging but blue, the brush was neatly tucked onto the lid and they both contained 0.35g(?)...I'm not so sure about the units :P There was also no price tag. It would be really interesting to see if they have the same ingredients. I wonder which one is the best outta the 2. They both claim to hydrate the skin. I can't remember the name...ah

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Funny thing about this line from Covergirl, it's supposed to come out in Spring 2011? But somehow I saw them at Shoppers Drug Mart. It was only a glance so maybe I was seeing things...although I kind of doubt it. Maybe somebody can check it out and confirm it for me?

Sorry for the lack of actual photos. I don't really bring a camera with me all the time. I don't charge it either >< 


  1. wow so many goodles! thanks for sharing :D

  2. glad you were able to find so many great makeup products! interested in that wetnwild set.

    Please enter my Lanvin, Makeup, Jewelry & Nail Polish holiday giveaway! Ends soon.

  3. amanda~ anytime love !
    Cheryl~ you should definitely try it out when you see it! they sell out fast and the price tag is so affordable :)


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