Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the Mail: Suzie Wuzie

 Isn't her name cute? I think so. I recently received a package from her and somehow one lipstick multiplied into all sorts of things O_o  Let's take a look. She was supposed to only send me this:

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Natural Pink 13
 And to my surprise, I got these lovelies accompanying my first ever Korres product:

Thank you so much Suzie! I was having a bad day and this totally cheered me up as well as your undying generosity ^^ The lipstick works out to be a bright MLBB shade (loves!) and the yummy perfume smells like fresh lychee! 


  1. Glad my parcel was able to cheer you up! And it seemed pointless to just send a lippie to ya :)

  2. Thanks for commenting! There are 5 masks in the MBD box. I only took a picture of 2!!
    Oooh Korres! Do let us know how the product worked!!

  3. Thanks K! I was debating on whether I should get the mask since they were 10 smackers per box :/ I shall let you know when I do the review on the Korres product. I had no idea that it was made in Greece~!


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