Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unspoken Gluttony: Smoke's Poutinerie

This stuff is good! The price is reasonable because of the amount that you get. I have two larges here. Obviously, I shared these among friends. =P They're quite filling. The thing that I really like about Smoke's Poutinerie is that you can get really interesting flavours. They really know how to dress up a normal bowl of fries ^^ How about the Italian Deluxe Poutine (homemade meat sauce, Italian sausage, sauteed mushrooms & caramalized onions)? GAH.
The cheese are actually curds and stringy~

Traditional Veggie Poutine
 I definitely reccomend the veggie one. The gravy is much tastier: sweet and comforting.

Traditional Poutine
This one has more of a pepper-like side to it and the flavour is more "sharp" (I'm not sure how to describe it xD).

I think poutine is more of a Canadian thing =P So whenever you drop by, give it a try!
Look at the glorious cheese curds!


  1. I did NOT get that much gravy in my poutine =( Which location did you go?

  2. Hi Helen~ sorry for the late reply but I'll email you the location as I don't feel comfortable in posting it here :)


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