Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the Mail: Now or Never

So I realized that although I edited the pictures of the goods I got in the mail, I totally forgot to make a post about them xD I think I have had some of the stuff either from 2010 or the very beginning of 2011...Yes, I have a great memory (to a certain extent).

A great site for Canadians samples is available. The author of this blog is none other than Justine from Productrater. Please check out her beauty blog or sample site! She updates daily and I find that she is speedier than any other site ;) Above: free Hello Kitty nail stamping plate (BornPretty, if it becomes available again, I'll be sure to update), Clairol Nice 'n Easy Foam hair dye, Chunks Ahoy! Thinsations, P&G Brand sampler (Canada & U.S.), Maybelline Fit Me foundation, Acts of Kindness (free chocolate bar), and another nail plate. The reason is because I didn't receive my first plate after 2 months. Thinking that it got lost in the mail, I contacted the person in charge (which is Jessica btw) and she was super nice and helpful and they mailed me another one. I believe their company is situated in Singapore. Their website is easy to navigate through and they have a variety of items for sale. The prices are reasonable too! I was really impressed with their kindness because I didn't expect them to mail me another one ^^

Closer look of the Fit Me sample
The idea of this sample is great! They have all the shades so anyone can find their perfect match (hopefully). They also instructions/info about the line and provided coupons.

Look at the shipping fee O_o
 I won a giveaway from the wonderful Suzie! I was really interested in trying the MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. She was super sweet and generous!

I love the cute letter and stickers! I can always put post-it notes to good use. Thank you so much, hunny!

Crystal Light samples. Yum! Except I really despise the aftertaste of aspartame. This is a nice way to try new flavours.

I have one more package to post about but I have to relocate my pictures...If anyone is situated in Canada and is interested in these types of samples, be sure to follow Justine's site!


  1. i got those fit me samples too~ :)
    i think im between 110 and 115... 115 is a bit too pink... but 110 is a bit too white! so i dunno which one to buy :P
    and i love those P&G samples :D i get them in the mail too~ im still waiting for my box to arrive to the mail box

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Appreciate it! :)

  3. MEOW~ I think that if you have normal or oily (or both) skin, skip the fit me foundation all together. This foundation is so oily...it feels really gross on my skin >< BLEH. the P&G program is very good~ I'm glad they do things like that where you can try a product out before committing to the full size.

    Justine~ Anytime, hun!


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