Saturday, September 11, 2010

FOB: August, I Miss You

hey lovelies! i'm sorry with my absence but school just started and it's already hectic...i'm ahead on one day but totally behind on the other >.< i'm just glad that the weekend is here! i don't think i'll have as much time to watermark and resize my photos so i'm just going to let them be. it makes the whole photo more appealing anyways ^^ (please don't steal my pictures. if you want to use them, make sure you let me know and give me the credit).

FOB means 'fresh of the buy' (lol. i couldn't think of anything else). i'm going to show you what i've acquired over the month of august in a 'LOOK BOOK' fashion. it's just where i have very few (or even no descriptions). just pictures =) 

mint/peacock/faded violet
review coming up soon! love them so far!

annabelle mono eyeshadow in lagoon and rainforest
chain and ribbon necklace from smart set 
some pads for my shoes

lush honey i washed the kids soap
lush all bland cleanser sample
hard candy baked blush crush in living doll
fruits and passion shower gel sample

my mom needed a new face product so i recommended theBalm balm shelter tinted moisturizer to her. the Bahama mama bronzer and overshadow the sexpots were both GWP.

posh brushes are no longer available at pharmaplus so i picked the eyeliner duo up before it was gone forever.

i went to toronto (pacific mall) and bought a cute acid wash skirt. i like it because of the wash and the length (not too short). some pens and pencils for back-to-school (unfortunately) and i got the strawberry as a thing where you add a bit of money when you reach a certain amount with your purchase. all the stationery stuff were $1CAD! it's really good cuz they're actually cute (not like the ones you get from the dollar store =P) also got my first pair of circle lenses! i don't know why but i look creepy in them...maybe i'm not used to them *sigh* i don't want to waste them. they are the GEO angel brown ones ^^

i'll most likely show you some of the stuff in detail sooner or later! so stay tune!

enjoy your weekend~!


  1. faded violent by joe fresh is love! I like powder blue too, that one was a b!tch to find though, sold out everywhere.

  2. lovely haul! coincidentally all the nail colours i really like and have similar shades!

  3. Justine- i was debating on whether i should get the powder blue. haha i had to go to 3 different loblaw chains to find MINT! but faded violet is gorge :)

    Nic Nic- thanks! pastels and the metallic are very appealing to me ^^


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