Monday, May 31, 2010

Addiction & nailpolish

Recently, PharmaPlus had a 50% sale on nail products =] I love a good deal haha. Of course I couldn't resist so I picked these two babies up. It was funny because I wasn't going to get them at first. I had my eyes on the purple ones (soooo pretty omg) but for some reason I forgot about it. Yes, I am in a nail polish addiction phase so expect more of these to come up. Anyways, to the haul:

The first thing I got was this Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nailpen in 02 Gold Chrome. It originally retailed for about $7.99CAD but it was half off so i got it $3.99 wooooot!!! ;D

I was originally going to get the purple one which is beyond fabulous but I thought that I was already getting another purple polish. So the gold was my other alternative. It's a chrome finish so it'll probably turn out like tin foil but MEH. I like trying new things ^.^
I really like the slim pen packaging. Perfect for on the go...or so they say. This looks more like a greenish gold to me but hopefully it'll turn out nicely.The next thing I got was the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 530 Back to the Fuchsia. What stood out at me was that this fuchsia had a blue sheen almost shimmer when you look at it closely. And don't forget the funky creative name (argh. I always fall for the names...=_='') too cute! They have a special applicator: a thicker flatter brush which is supposed to make application easier. I heard great reviews on these and usually they retail for $7.99CAD and higher but I got this for only $3.99! This is when reading flyers pay up aha
The picture washed it out. It's more of a hot pink. Very bright with a blue sheen. Couldn't catch it on camera tho..guess it's a little shy. I've painted my toenails with this and so far I like it. I will have reviews on these soon. Hope all of you are having a great day! Stay beautiful!

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