Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FREE MAKEUP! Physician's Formula Eyeliner + Serum & Mascara

Physician's Formula Organic wear® Jumbo Lash Mascara & Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum are both up for grabs at your local Canadian drugstore. I just got mine today at Shoppers Drug Mart. I suggest getting it from there because they tend to get new makeup collections before any other drugstores ^^ The offer is one per household so you might want to "borrow" an address (unless you have two) if you want both. Make sure to separate the receipts! I forgot to so now I have to go back to the store and refund it and buy it again... >< Here is Physcian's Formula's website and here is the page with other mail-in rebate offers.

The Loot

Things to do for full-price rebate:

  1. Keep the original receipt
  2. Keep the rebate sticker (pink)
  3. Click on the links given (mascara & eyeliner) and print out forms
  4. Fill forms out and mail (must be post-marked by December 15th, 2011)
Offer is only available in Canada~ Sorry international ladies! 

Hope you found this post helpful! Have a lovely week :)


  1. Yay thank you for sharring, which one should i get!? :O

  2. No problem Audrey ^^ since you already have beautiful and lush lashes (lucky girl :P), I'd suggest the mascara because it's made out of natural ingredients that aren't harsh to our skin :) So if you have to use a mascara, you can use a natural one that doesn't harm your lashes

  3. I looked around at SDM and Rexall today and they had the blushes with the hearts on them, and even though they were like 15% off or something they were still too much imo with the $6 off. I didn't see these items, but I will keep an eye out for them.

  4. SWEET! I'm gonna go see if my Shoppers has the eyeliner.

    Can you also please please do a review on these? :) <3

  5. Justine~ I'm sure they'll be popping up soon!

    Casey~ Good luck on your search, darling~ I'm actually wearing it right now so we'll see how it goes in a month. I can say that right now it lasts really well and the brush tip is AMAAAAZING! So fine and easy to control.

  6. I just purchased both of them today, but why do you need it on different receipt? I thought what they meant by "one per household" is that you can't get 2 of the same product and have the full price rebate on both of them... right??? I'm confused!

  7. Well, I wasn't exactly sure but to be on the safe side, it's better to just have two separate ones. It does say on per household so I don't know if they mean that you can only get ONE rebate so ONE product. >< If I find out more about it, I'll let you know! ^^


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