Monday, January 10, 2011

Wear It & Share It: Newspaper Printed Zipper Tee 1/10/2011

Here is part of my new segment which is more fashion related. I was inspired by multiple fashion bloggers (which I adore~!) so I decided to start my own by featuring one item in each post. Of course, there are chances that I may put in an OTD here and there but I don't really feel confident when it comes to my style :P I get lazy so even though I own accessories and shoes, I don't really dress up using them. 
Here's a funky slouchy t-shirt with newspaper-like print and neon yellow zippers on it. It is definitely more on the edgy/wild side which makes it very fun to experiment with ^^ (I will put more effort and creativity in my outfits next time!)

T-shirt: Boathouse, $6.99CAD (boxing day sale)

Casual Cool
Bleached/destroyed skinny jeans: Urban Planet
Pearl & chain necklace: ALDO
I really like these light wash jeans (: They are suitable for petite-sized girls 

Edgy & Eclectic 
 Faux leather jacket: Winners
Royal blue leggings: Hong Kong
I definitely would have added a studded purse or cool shoes. Just not over the top that will overpower the main focus which is the t-shirt.

Taming the Wild (lol)
 Faux fur vest: Hong Kong
Blue skinny jeans: Urban Planet
The title is soooo creative >< I tried mixing prints here and I think it worked okay. I kept the jeans "low-key" so that it won't make the different pieces clash with each other.

Sweet & Girly
High-waisted button skirt: Pacific Mall
You get a totally different feel wen you tuck it into a high-waisted skirt~! It nips into my waist (yay) and gives my body an illusion of a better shape.

Definitely tell about how you feel about this! I have lots of improvement to make but please bare with me :D


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