Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nestlé Kit Kats: Royal Milk Tea, Sakura Matcha, Sparkling Strawberry, Framboise

from top left (clockwise): royal milk tea, framboise, sparkling strawberry, sakura matcha
i'm sure i'm not the only one who's encounter all the buzz with these edible delights. to check out what all the hype was about (late to join the bandwagon. i know), i picked up a few of these during my trip to toronto. pacific mall actually. they have these stores that sell asian snacks and candies and obviously, i went gaga when i saw these. each cost about $3-$4CAD. totally worth it... although they don't last long ~_~

Royal Milk Tea

when i first bit into it, the flavour strangely reminded me of cream soda. it took a while for the teat to kick in since it was mostly present in the wafers. very light taste unlike the traditional milk tea you'd get in HK. the white chocolate was rather creamy but overpowering. nonetheless, it tasted like the real thing^^ 9/10

Sakura Matcha (cherry blossom green tea)

hmm...cinnamon. perhaps it was my lack of experience with the taste of cherry blossoms because i didn't really know what was on my taste buds. the milky white chocolate came after the tea which is embedded in the wafers. i liked the fact that it didn't overpower the main flavour this time =) 9/10

Sparkling Strawberry

this is probably my second favourite. the milky creamy strawberry choco is sweet and soft which compliments the sour fizzy strawberry interior. i'm guessing they used baking soda in it or something because i find it a bit salty at times. it is very fragrant where the refreshing aroma fills your mouth. love it even though it kinda taste artificial. 10/10

Framboise (french for raspberry)

the delicious milk chocolate caresses the delicate raspberries. in no way is the choco too strong because the raspberry notes are definitely there ^.^ it reminds me of eating jam or something...tastes exactly like ripe juicy berries! it's sandwiched between the wafers and is very mouth watering. ohhhh so berry yummy! my fav FO SHO! 10/10

so whenever your sweet tooth kicks in, these little bars jam packed with awesome are bound to satisfy your craving xD

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