Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Fresh Glass Lip Gloss from Joe Fresh

(photo courtesy of Joe Fresh)

From left to right in the top row, they’re Kissable, Shell, Cosmopolitan, Naked, Toffee and Bubble Gum; the second row is Poppy, Grape, Berry, Pomegranate, Popsicle and Spice.

when i first found out that joe fresh released these new lip glosses, i made sure that i would pay my local loblaw a visit =) it did not let me down although i had to look for the display.

please excuse the poor quality photos

if you haven't heard of joe fresh (which most of you probably haven't(but no worries, you'll eventually hear more and more about it ;))), here's the deal: Joe Fresh is a Canadian line by Joseph Mimran, the guy who created Club Monaco then sold it to Ralph Lauren a while back.

in this collection, there are currently 12 shades. it is a mint flavoured(plus!) lip gloss that adds high sheen(double plus!) and slight sparkle without stickiness(epic awesomeness!!!).

from what i saw, some are clear with a hint of colour while others have sparkles in them or offer a little more colour(just maybe).

each fresh glass (the name is not exactly creative =P c'mon joe! you can do better than that!) costs $5CAD or if you have your eyes on two or more, they cost $10CAD for two^^ i trust joe fresh with their quality so i think these glosses would be fun to try out.

so what do you think?
i'm eying the bubblegum one


  1. I think it's great, I love their lipstains and always get excited when I see new products!

  2. same here! it's just that i never find out that they're releasing new things until i see them in flyers.. =_= the rate in which they update their website never catches up to the rate they fire out new products. haha

    thanks for reading :)


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