Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spotted! All Milani Products 50% Off at Loblaws

hurry in to your local loblaws to pick up great quality milani products!

i went there with my bestie last thursday and everything was in stock. i picked up the last of one lipgloss though.

 here's the haul ^_~ be sure to check makeupalley before you buy certain products. generally, all lip stuff are pigmented and have good ratings =]
i was gonna pick up on of the teal eyeliners.. but i bought other things as well

if you get anything, lemme know!


  1. oh really? I should check my superstore, our milani area looks just like that, very small and no blushes, which is what I would really want to try from milani,but those glosses look good and for 50% off that's a steal. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I live in Toronto and I have NEVER seen Milani anywhere!! *envy*

  3. you should go check out superstore! they carry them too :)


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