Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Treats: Meiji Chocolate Hearts

candy hearts, you are forever banished!
these chocos are the next best thing, great for v-day.

are you drooling over the kawaii packaging yet? ^.^
each package is uber cute. they have little heart prints on it as well as thank you in a variety of languages! i think this idea is really creative ^^
there's Chinese, Spanish, French, and English ;D now whoever you're after doesn't matter. they'll definitely get the right message!

creamy strawberry mingles with milk chocolate. now i believe this is the original flavour ^_^ had these when i was a kid. tastes like strawberry milk, not too sweet.

when i first smelled it, the scent wasn't exactly pleasing. kinda like beeswax which i wasn't expecting cuz i love the that smell! after i got used to it, i popped it in my mouth and it legit tasted like fresh honey from a honeycomb. the soft notes of the honey combined with the milky choco are somewhat exotic tasting, but it was divine ^.~

i dunno why but maybe japanese vanilla is different cuz this doesn't taste like the vanilla ice cream you get here in north america. more like white chocolate, light but creamy. & of course the two get a long very well ;]

i got this pack at an oriental market for $2.99CAD and it had about 8-9 chocolates.

how to eat it (lol. no. i'm not stupid yes, you can just pop it in your mouth like any edible substance. but does this seem like just any chocolate to you?!) there are 2 ways to devour these little treats so that the flavour dances on your tongue. it depends on how long you wanna savour it
1. if you wanna be original, just sink your teeth in it. chew it up, and it'll be gone =P
2. if you want the bliss to linger a bit longer, pop the gem in your mouth, let each layer melt away...until you're on clouds...(then, you'd fall when the chocolate does its final disappearing act ;D)

unravel its flavour layer by layer

hope i didn't hype these too much for ya =P


  1. Ahhh I do love Meiji confectionery! I've eaten the strawberry one before and it is utterly yummy =D

  2. yeah they remind me of childhood ^^ i think the strawberry one is my all time fav


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