Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bunnie Likes: My Beauty Diary Platinum+Pearl Lift Stretch Mask

After much debating on whether I should use this mask or the Gold+Marine Collagen, I finally decided to use this pretty pink one ^^ It's a fairly new addition to the family of My Beauty Diary masks so it's rather hard to find. Luckily, I was on twitter the other day and I found out that finally stocks them!

Not so long ago, I put up an informative post on the details of these masks. It seems as though MBD is really trying to make them sound like packets of miracles and wonders.... Here are its claims:
"This sheet mask is specially made with grain and exclusive components in order to transfer the essence to the skin membrane and restore its vitality. White pearl moistens while the platinum particles help the skin to retain the moisture. Formulated with lemon, orange, and kiwi extracts, together they help the skin's metabolic processes then allowing the platinum and pearl essence to work better. This mask whitens leaving the skin bright and translucent looking. They based the formulation on DIXAS ComplexTM which has up to 10 amino acid molecules to make the skin soft and supple."

For all skin types; particularly suitable for partially dry skin and skin that lacks luster.

Unlike all the other sheets masks from MBD, the lift stretch mask does not come with a plastic protector. The mask itself has a criss-cross diamond design for uniform distribution of the serum. The material is super soft and stretchy so it is less prone to ripping. It is thinner than the original material of the MBD masks, but thicker than the updated and improved versions (MBD recently revamped the material of the sheet masks). The mask fits face well and due to the ear hooks, it covers a good amount of area (face, jaw & upper neck) and really clings. The hooks also causes a lot of tension so some parts of the cloth didn't fit as nicely (i.e. under lip & nose). The mask doesn't fit as much as I'd like it to (face shape wise) but when it is stretched tight and taut, it feels really firm and secure :) 

Like all MBD masks, they are saturated with serum and there is often extra. The Platinum+Pearl Lift Stretch Mask is no exception: I was able to fill the excess in one container in a contact lens case! This is probably because of the whoppin' 28mL of serum~! The serum is light and clear and is very fast absorbing so I don't have to leave the mask on for too long (maybe just 15-20 minutes? I like to leave them on for 30 minutes though :P). It carries a pretty floral scent that isn't overwhelming but leaves your skin delightfully fresh smelling ^.^ I'm actually really fond of the's soothing and relaxing.

Here are two creepy pictures of my floating head wearing the mask...haha

 See all those flaps? ugh.
Although it feels really cool and calming on the skin, I didn't notice any drastic improvements to my skin after using it. The mask did not whiten at all and my skin was only brightened slightly. My skin was hydrated but not deeply moisturized so I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry skin (unlike its claims, pffffft). It felt firmer and tighter (effect was only temporary, unfortunately), skin was supple, smooth and soft. I actually prefer the masks from MBD's normal line up better... -_-" like my beloved bird's nest.

I think that they should think of improving the design of the mask. I found too many loose flaps around the chin and cheek (near the ears). Will I purchase? Maybe...depending on price and availability. It was slightly disappointing (benefits were too "hyped" up by the company) but I've only used this once. Overall, I'd give it a 6.75/10 ( haha I couldn't decide between a 6.5 or a 7 o_O) for a fast absorbing and floral scented masks that doesn't provide major improvements in the skin (only have basic benefits).

 My aunt got it for me in Hong Kong at Mannings for $6HKD or $0.78CAD (it was $12 for two, BOGO). If you're interested, you can get them at (you can get a whole box or one individually).


  1. ooo i didn't know you could get them from pretty and cute. thanks for the heads yup! :)

  2. I'd like to try these 'stretch masks', but too bad these MBD aren't as nice as the regular ones. As far as I could 'inspect' the ingredients list, they don't contain any parabens though. :D ♥ I will try to find other brands who carry these kinds of masks. If I find anything interesting I'll let you know!

    ♥ Milk

  3. oh wow i havent seen ones that actually cover the ear and go down the neck i always thought that would b good when putting masks on!

    haha maybe that didnt do what it claimed but if you used up the whole packet you can see results? sometimes i find it doesnt work with only one attempt! x

  4. this is a cool review.. the ear flaps always scares me hahah... i prefer them just on my face :)

    thanks for the comment btw!


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