Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wear It & Share It: Spring 2011

This post is a little different from my last "Wear It & Share It" post. Instead of focusing on one piece of clothing and finding the many ways to wear it, I went around to stores trying on newly released clothes. This is obviously collective and it spans over 2-3 months of trying on clothes. I just wanted to show you what certain clothes look like on an actual person :) Let's say that this is my attempt to give you a helpful guide(?!) before you step into a store of your preference and see the perfect piece (the one that literally glows as if it's in a halo) but find out later that it looks horrible on you....That happened to me many times, sadly. In the end, I didn't actually buy any of the things that I tried on because they were either too expensive or the quality wasn't great or I just didn't love it. This post is picture heavy so beware! raaaawr.

Flower detail t-shirt ~$20.00CAD

Nautical t-shirt

Bow detail cardigan $39.99CAD

Really love this gradient cardigan! $39.90CAD

Do you see the resemblance? Haha...I hope this picture isn't too inappropriate. I couldn't find a good quality. The cut out sweater is very comfy and breezy feeling ^^ It looks better on Lee Joon (MBLAQ) during his "다시 (Again)" promotions. The one that I tried on from Joe Fresh doesn't cling well around the shoulders.

Fluttery sleeved top

This was featured on their website a while ago. $29.95CAD

Just a nice casual jean jacket $39.95

Bright coral shorts from the kids section

Harem pants
This is a very interesting choice...To be honest, I would never wear them but I just wanted to see what they would look like on me. They're very comfy except I have no idea when it comes to pairing something else with it.

Denim shorts $39.95CAD
These fitted really well! The material felt smooth, sturdy, and well-made. I'm really short so these shorts fit almost like capris on me :/ I also felt that they clung a little too tight around the calf.

Sweet heart strapless denim dress $39.95CAD
This is my favourite thing that I tried on at H&M. This complimented my petite figure and created curves in the right places. It came with the skinny white belt and I just love the overall look ^^

Tribal print pants
Another interesting choice. The pattern is very different and it would be a unique piece of clothing in my closet. I couldn't make myself love it though.

So I hope all you lovelies enjoyed this new type of post. Let me know what you think of this idea and of course, the clothes! Have a great weekend!


  1. i love the flower detail on that top! you should do posts like these more often ^^

  2. Thanks hunni! I was afraid that no one would like this type of post >< thanks for the support~ (L)


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