Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wear It & Share It: H&M Concious Collection

Huh? Sandara Park (2NE1) for H&M Concious Collection? Naaaah. That was my initial reaction when I first saw this picture of her for Etude House on Allkpop~ I've gotta admit, she looks really pretty and cute!
*All prices in CAD*


 Here it is on me :) Not as cute, I know...with the orange cami and all... 
Organic Cotton Waistcoat $12.95

Organic Cotton Top $29.95
This was originally on my wishlist. But I decided that it didn't look good enough for me to take it home.

Organic Cotton Top $19.95
 This was shorter than I expected it to be! I do like the back though.

Recycled Polyester Dress $24.95
 Hated this. I tried it on for fun and I'm glad I did. Now I can warn all of you to NOT buy it. That is, unless you like super staticky and see-through fabric.

Organic Cotton Dress $12.95
 I thought I'd be able to get away with kid pieces. Boy was I wrong. You see the line around the chest? Not comfortable. It's super tight and see-through!

This dress wasn't from the Concious Collection but it's cute! It looks better on my friend though (except she didn't admit it haha).
I was REALLY disappointed because the knit shorts and the really pretty dress that I wanted were only available in certain stores. And the one that I have access to doesn't carry. The knit shorts were my favourite! However, I did not go home empty-handed. Guess which piece from this post came home with me?

What about you? Any thoughts or did you change your mind about anything?


  1. The vest is really cute on you! I actually think it looks good over the orange cami. :P The cotton top is way too big on you...I feel that it should be worn as a "cropped top". Everything else from the collection was just so bland ... which knit shorts did you want? The white ones with holes in them? The crochet pair?

  2. Thanks Jessy ^^ I need tips and pointers from you! I love your style! The crop top is already in XS but now that you mentioned that it's too small, i'm glad i didn't buy it. The knit shorts, the crochet ones. Here's a pic:

  3. Are you from the Toronto area? I saw those knit shorts at Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre. I heard they run big though, so if you're a size 2, you may be out of luck. :P

  4. I live 2 hours away :P I'd be lucky if I can just get my hands on them! haha


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